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The cold can protect against COVID-19

(Montreal) What if this cold that bothered you so much last winter protected you from coronavirus today?

Canadian press

If this is not yet a hypothesis, some researchers believe it is far from far-reaching.

Researchers around the world have found immune cells and antibodies in the blood of healthy people who have never been exposed to the coronavirus that can fight SARS-CoV-2.

The origin of this pre-existing immunity is not yet fully understood, but it may have protected thousands of people from the worst effects of the pandemic.

The German researcher Andreas Thiel and his colleagues found T cells in the blood of their subjects who can handle the virus. According to their hypothesis, these people could have recently been exposed to another coronavirus, such as the one responsible for the good old cold.

In addition to serious diseases such as COVID-1

9 or SARS, we have known for decades that human coronavirus is responsible for much less serious infections.

Another study, this one from the UK, found antibodies in healthy patients that can neutralize the protein from coronavirus spike. These antibodies were significantly more common in children than in adults, perhaps because children are more exposed to coronavirus.

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