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The Chrome browser has blocked Zone Telechargements

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In recent days, some Internet users have an error message when they want to access the Zone-Telechargement platform. The site would be blocked directly by Chrome.

According to various reports posted on the Web by our colleagues, the Chrome browser has committed to directly blocking access to the platform download zone

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The main hacking site in France would be considered dangerous by the Chrome security modules, which display a white message on a red background indicating that the user wants to go to a site that potentially uses the identity of the original service.

Blocking has not been detected on other browsers, indicating that an error would cause this site to be blacklisted. Some users mention the fact that a promotional module may have triggered Chrome sirens, and that may well be the case, since pirated pages often turn to flabby billboards.

On our site we do not We have not seen this deadlock and the platform is still functional and accessible even after we clear the cache in Chrome. It's unclear what happened and some users confirm that it's still impossible to access the site from the Chrome browser.

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