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The Call of Duty 2020 announcement is very close, according to Activision

The game will be a collaboration between Treyarch and Raven Software

Call of Duty: Art conceptual Black Ops

At this point in the year, Activision should have already introduced the new part of Call of Duty. However, 2020 has been different and we still do not know the official name or release date, but two things are certain: it will be released this year and will be a collaboration between Treyarch and Raven SoftwareActivision revealed this tonight as part of the quarterly financial report.

The game already looks fantastic“The game already looks great and internally people have fun playing both the campaign and online modes that separate the developers,” says Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision. “So all I can say when it comes to timing is that I suspect it you will hear more about this very soonhe added.

With that, rumors of development issues seem to be confirmed, as the 3-year cycle that the franchise has been following since 2012 pointed to a release created by Sledgehammer Games, but informant Jason Schreier reported in the middle of last year that internal conflicts had been motivated by a regime change.

“It’s official. We’re excited to show you what we’re up to with Raven Software,” the official Treyarch account said. dumbbell with Treyarch in the Call of Duty installment for this year. We can not wait to show you more! Added to Raven Software, which also often plays a supporting role in the development of payouts of the Call of Duty saga.

The concept behind the game is unknown, as is its release date, but several leaks point to a delivery set during the Cold War and with a launch window in October.

At the same time, Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone are entering season 5 multiplayer, with the battle royale ready to move forward as a side game that will even serve as announcements. “So if you’re particularly watching Warzone, it’s not only a great gaming experience but also a good platform for us to share news new franchises and information directly with our community like never before, Kotick explained.

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