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Test – Superhot Mind Control Delete: bullet hell

Four years after SUPERHOT, the Poles of Superhot Team returns with a suite – generously offered the owners of the first component.

The method is atypical. Instead of browsing the incredible success of the first part, the creators of the first SUPERHOT have chosen to make the rest of their game free for all owners of the first part. A surprising choice that the developers motivate with their desire to “thank” the players for their support. The first episode would have gone more than two million copies since it was released. Impressive performance that is largely explained by the release of a VR version of the game, which managed to utilize the concept brilliantly.

New powers, weapons, enemies and levels are in the program in this suite.

The Polish developers continued their work in their corner and worked on a sequel that arrives a little unexpected today – the game was presented just a few weeks ago. A surprise outing that comes with a free entrance for the owner of the first component. We couldn’t have asked for more!

Other good news: even though the game is free, it’s not to say that the developers are happy with the minimum slot. Admittedly, the concept does not evolve so much in the end, but the news is enough to justify throwing yourself into the world of Superhots.

The shotgun is still one of the most effective weapons for cleaning.

So we find in this Mind Control Delete the same ideas as in the first part. The game offers to participate in a number of challenges in closed areas with a minimalist look. The decorations are completely white, the enemies appear in red. Special feature in the series: the action takes place in slow motion. When the player is not moving, his enemies progress at too slow a rate, enough for him to better measure the action to grab an object, send him to the figure, steal his weapon and send it into the afterlife by unloading the charger. When he pulls, moves or takes an object, time accelerates. All the difficulties here come from measuring the effort and avoiding being captured, the enemies tend to be many and, above all, very well armed.

Mind Control Delete changes the recipe somewhat by adding life – symbolized on the screen with the hearts – that represents the only playback options for a series of a few levels. In other words, the error will be allowed, but only a limited number of times. Various bonuses can also be activated, to get an extra heart, fill the lost hearts, start the level with a katana, etc.

Another important news with this component: the addition of new levels, enemies but also and above all weapons. We find a large panel of new objects and weapons, ranging from discus to launch to uzi through various new futuristic weapons. A nice set of the perfect killer that allows you to vary the fun through the new gaming campaign.

Katana always helps to hit back balls.

So yes, we can somehow blame the developers for not being honestly surprising. If you have completed the first part, you will hardly be surprised when you browse this suite. The content of the game, the small news and the diversity of the game sequences make the experience very enjoyable. Mind Control Delete is a continuation of its ancestor and plays the bigger, better, faster card.

Technically, the game is also based on the same game engine, the universe remains the same, some levels are even recycled. And of course we find the same humor that characterizes the franchise, in the light of an exchange of messages in the matrix. It’s fun, but inevitably the surprise element is no longer really there.

As such, we better understand why the developers chose this “free” formula for the owners of the first component, which could potentially have been disappointed by the lack of imagination of the creators of Superhot. The approach is intelligent, because with a “free” solo game it is difficult to be disappointed. Conversely, those who had never touched Superhot will always be entitled to the effect of surprise. Everyone therefore has something to offer.

If Mind Control Delete is not a transcendent suite, it remains a solid suite, brilliantly reproducing the formula for the first part, while moving on in the concept. If you missed this UFO, Mind Control Delete will let you play the capture sessions.


In addition to being free – for the owners of the first part – this Superhot sequel has the advantage of pushing even more the outsized concept for the first episode by proposing this time to manage the effort on a series of levels to discover new weapons, enemies and environments. If it only adds small tweaks to the original game, Mind Control Delete refines another recipe that was already very effective. Eliminating dozens of enemies in slow motion by sending them a brick in the face has never been so fun. Playing the “bigger, faster, stronger” card, the Polish developers give us a new intense and terribly fun shooter, which still lacks a scoring component. But without a doubt: Mind Control Delete is one of the good surprises in summer 2020!




  • Always a fun concept
  • New game elements
  • Free for owners of the first component
  • A full immersion
  • A solid achievement

The -:

  • A concept that struggles a little to innovate over time
  • No real revolutionary news

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