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South Koreans favor their president's pacifism

The redemption of the dialogue with Pyongyang increases Moon Jae-ins's popularity, which has reduced the tension on the peninsula.

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  In the village of Panmunjom, on the border between the two Koreans, which will host a North-South Summit, April 26th.

"Miracles never happen miraculously. The inter-Korean summit is the result of great patience, tears and prayers. Choo Mi-ae, president of South Korea's Minjoo government, spoke heavily on Wednesday, April 25 in Seoul where a poster and video campaign welcomes the organization of the Summit of South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un. "Let this miracle continue and let us finish the Korean War [1950-1953] to enjoy a true peace"

Administration by Mr. Moon intends to use the summit to try "to replace the regime of the Army regime on the Korean Peninsula by a regime of peace." Unsigned by South Korea, the 1953 Armistice established a simple ceasefire.

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If successful, Moon Jae-in will have achieved an old ambition: the resumption of a dialogue with Pyongyang, ten years after the abandonment of the conservative president Lee Myung-bak (2008-2013) of the political so-called "sun beam "and thus the claim of the Korean government over its own destiny.

"Korea's problems must be addressed by Korea" he declared before the elections in May 2017. "No one has the right to decide on military action on the peninsula without South Korea's consent" he admitted the strongest tensions in August who agitated the peninsula while Pyongyang drove the missile tests and Donald Trump was abducted on Twitter.

By talking directly to Kim Jong-un, he wrote his act in the same line as Kim Dae-Jung (1998-2003), initiator of the first 200-year Interkorean Summit and Roh Moo Hyun (2003-2008 ) who had organized 2007. These two presidents had met Kim Jong-il (1941-2011), the father of Kim Jong-un.

"Comedy of Inter-Korean Peace"

M. The moon goes even further since April 27, the meeting is held in South Korea – a first for a leader in the north since the Korean War – the first two took place in Pyongyang.

To emphasize continuity, Seoul multiplied the symbols of "to commemorate those who worked for peace and the united peninsula" . The dishes are served at a planned meal with Kim Jong-un will be prepared with ingredients from the MM hometowns. Kim and Roh. There will be cold noodles naengmyeon from the famous Okryugwan restaurant in Pyongyang and Rösti, a Swiss specialty reminiscent of Kim Jong-un at the school in Berne.

Also in the line of Kim Dae-jung and Roh Moo hyun, the presidential election confirms that recognition of North Korea is a legitimate regime and Kim Jong-un as a key partner in the conversation. This choice, which may be indispensable for negotiating a peace agreement, is contrary to the South and North principle, according to which the other Korea is illegal. The South Korean Constitution provides that its territory "encompasses the Korean Peninsula and its neighboring islands" and that Seoul "seeks unification" .

The positions of the M Moon are criticized by the conservative camp, which fears a reduction of sanctions to the north. Hong Joon-pyo, leader of the main opposition party, the Freedom Party in Korea (LKP), considers the summits as "19459018" "political exhibitions" . "If North Korea does not give up its nuclear weapons, any agreement between the two Koreans will only benefit the enemy." He wrote on April 23, on Facebook . For him, "The Comedy of the Inter-Korean Peace of the Monthly Administration Alliance with the United States" obstructs. And to add: "It reminds me of the Chamberlain Munich Agreement 1938."

However, these attacks carry a bit, due to the conservative inability to provide a different answer than Condemnation of Pyongyang's development of its nuclear and ballistic programs in its decades of power. Month's popularity assessment increased by one point in a week to reach 67.8 percent on April 24, according to a Realmeter survey, mainly due to expectations on top.

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