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Six cases of cancer were discovered during the Pink October campaign

Minister for Health, the Population, the Promotion of Women and the Integration of Women in Development, Jacqueline Lydia Mikolo hinted on November 8 in Brazzaville that the cases of proven cancer detected during the month of pink October will be supported even if the celebration ended.

"Associations that support people with breast and cervical cancer, health care professionals and partners that we follow are already taking care of the six proven cases of cancer by referring them to health centers. Detected individuals are not being provided to their own units. We are pleased that some deaths have been spared for them because breast cancer is being treated, "Jacqueline Lydia Mikolo said at the end of the Pink Pink campaign to raise awareness of breast and cervical cancer

This year's Pink October Celebration showed 891

women with 105 benign abnormalities, 45 suspected cancer cases and 6 known cases of cancer. "After 30 days of screening and sharing, we realized that it was time to act on this disease, which kills slowly and mobilizes all energies," said Health Minister, the population, the promotion of women and the integration of women in development

. October steps included screening for breast and cervical cancer, walking and sports dancing, awareness raising conferences for early screening

October month focuses on raising awareness of the early detection of the two types of cancer, namely cervical and breast, which decimates more than 800 cases each year. women around the world. The launch on October 11 in Brazzaville by Prime Minister Clement Mouamba largely ended the cancer campaign officially against women on November 8.

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