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Ri Sol Ju, mysterious wife Kim Jong-un and diplomatic access

Ri Sol Ju, the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-ous wife, is the first time "first lady" and may be a diplomatic asset to Melania Trump in the ongoing negotiations between Pyongyang and Washington.

North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un awarded his wife the title "First Lady", a remarkable increase in rank before two consecutive summits with South Korea and the United States, analysts said. Ri Sol Ju often accompanies his man at official events but has made his first solo public appearance to participate in ballet from a Chinese troupe. The official North Korean media reported on the release, called Ri "Respected First Lady". This is the first time in 40 years that this formula has been used, along with an adjective that is usually reserved for leaders.

The North Korean starring Ri Chun Hee, who often returns to honor the great news, mentioned the event on television, further strengthened his rank. An elegant figure dressed on the occasion with a pink ensemble, was followed by Ri of top North Korean officials who are often seen together with Kim Jong-un, including her younger sister Yo Jong.

This former singer is considered by specialists as an influential woman, but played the limited role of the elegant lady to the leader of a deep patriarchal North Korea. According to analysts, it is likely that his stripes are part of the country's efforts to look like a "normal state" before the summits with the South Korean president Moon Jae-in and his American counterpart Donald Trump. It is also attributed to him the same title as their wife Kim Jung-sook and Melania.

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"The promotion of Ri Sol Ju, c is the most effective marketing strategy," said An Chan-il, North Korean defector and researcher at the World Institute for North Korean Studies

The media called him "comrade"

"The summit will take place equally, if Melania Trump is present, Ri will be present," An Chan said to AFP. He notes that she accompanied her husband to Beijing last month for his first visit abroad since he came to power by the end of 201

1. The official media described Ri as "comrade". The name "First Lady" was last reserved for Kim Song Ae, the second wife of North Korea's founder Kim Il Sung, 1974.

Rice characters are still relatively mysterious. She is said to be 29 years old and would have had three children, including at least one girl, with her husband. According to South Korean intelligence, she comes from a regular family, a teacher's father and a doctor.

Ri Sol Ju together with Kim Jong Un on April 14, a photo sent by the regime © Korea's Central News Agency / Korea News Service via AP

Former member of the Unhasu Orchestra, she continued according to the Music Studies Press in China. The cheerleader squad is sent to the south for an International Sports Competition in 2005. In this chronic poverty-free country, she is famous for her taste of fashion and wearing luxury clothes. What looked like a Christian Dior bag

Kim Jong-oz's mother's trauma could play a role [19659008] Some analysts also believe that Kim Jong-un wanted to strengthen his status because of the marginalization of her own mother, Ko Yong Hui. A Korean girl from Japan, she had three children with Kim Jong-o'er father and predecessor, Kim Jong Il. But during her 28 years of marriage she was seduced behind her. She died in 2004 of breast cancer, according to the press. She was treated in Paris and her remnants were resettled to Pyongyang. It was not until 2012 that she was entitled to a tomb after Kim's arrival in power. "I think Kim's trauma to seeing his mother live in the shadows is a factor," said Shin Beom-chul, analyst at the Asan Institute for Political Studies. "It may have motivated him to raise his wife's status."

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Unlike his father and his grandfather Kim Jong-un, the women in their lives are often followed, mostly Ri and Yo Jong. Previously, the leaders or sisters of leaders were rarely seen publicly. Kim Jong-un sent his sister to the Winter Olympic Games to the south to make a charm offensive.

His late father was famous for his reserved nature and his inclination to not cut words. Kim Jong-un, whose regime is accused of widespread abuse of human rights, grows a more affordable and informal image. Her marriage also seems different.

In a meeting with a South Korean delegation in Pyongyang, Ri talked about "her husband" to talk about number one. She chatted and applauded when a South Korean suggested that he quit smoking, according to the Japanese daily "Asahi Shimbun".

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