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Relationships at the Lowest – Le1

A spokesman for the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed the reason that prevented King Salman Ben Abdelaziz from Saudi Arabia from traveling to Morocco to spend his vacation in Tangier, as he always used to do this in previous years.

Quote of the influential Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia, the Moroccan official whose identity and real status is unknown said that relations between Morocco and Saudi Arabia are "at their lowest level" while adding that "the real reasons for King Salman refrained from spending his vacation in Tangier, is primarily the internal problems facing Saudi Arabia and not because of its relations with Morocco. "

This is the first time a Moroccan diplomatic official has commented on the relations between Rabat and Ryadh on this way.

Although we do not know This spokesman's identity is the first time a Moroccan diplomatic official has commented on the relations between Rabat and Ryadh in this way. Is this really Morocco's official position or just a personal initiative of this spokesman? Because the Moroccan authorities do not usually interfere with the internal affairs of the other countries, especially those who are considered "brothers" and "friends".

The Spanish newspaper estimates the deficit to about $ 1

00 million

In addition, Vanguardia said that "King Salman preferred to remain in his this summer because of the inner tensions that follow from the decisions made by Crown Prince Mohammed Ben Salmon that affected the possibility of cohesion within the royal family. "

For the Spanish newspaper known to be close to regal institutions in Madrid," the absence of King Salman is a serious blow to the economy in Tangier. " Vanguardia estimates direct losses of EUR 12 million, while other Western sources quoted by the Spanish newspaper estimate the deficit to about $ 100 million, which amount would have spent the Saudi king and its continuation to Tangier in 2017.

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