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Raul Castro bugs out, a moment of history for Cuba

This Thursday will highlight Cuba's history. For the first time in almost six decades, the island will no longer be ruled by a Castro, Raul officially giving the presidency its dolphin with the name Miguel Diaz-Canel. [19659002Exploitationoftheregime's57thanniversaryoftheAnniversaryoftheAdoptionoftheDayat9:00LocalTime(13:00GMT)Diaz-Canelbekräftassomdennyapresidentenstatsraadandministerialdeputies

At the time of announcement of his unique candidacy on Wednesday, the heir to Gray Hair and his predecessor of 86 years has given a cool hug to the songs for dubbing, which confirms what many have been waiting for several months.

Spectacularly appointed Vice Deputy President in 201

3 after climbing the shadows, the steps of Cuban power, this pure product of the party, with a penetrating appearance but a rather discreet profile, have gradually entered the side of Raul Castro

Apostle of internet development and a more critical press on the Internet. The island knew how to give a picture of modernity while still being economical with the declarations. But he also knows how to compromise against dissidents or diplomats who are inclined to criticize the regime.

The outgoing president prepared him to adopt the highest office and sent him to represent his government while state media gave him more and more space.

Responsible for leading a historical transition for a renewable period of five years, he becomes the first Cuban leader who is unaware of the revolution. by 1959 and will need to create a legitimacy. Chance of the calendar, he must celebrate his 58th birthday on Friday.

– Balance –

"It's quite difficult to evaluate Diaz-Canel's ability to fulfill the president's functions … It comes from the system, but it's the rigidity of the system that constitutes the biggest obstacle to continuing," said Michael Shifter, chairman 19659002 "His debut" will be a test of his political abilities, and he can expect resistance, "said the expert. [19659002Castrousbrotherhoodswritingsuniversitycommunicationshistoryconsideredcommissioned60thatresistantamericansupremeresistanceandcopyrightspartyconsultmentmeddramaticalconsequencesforth19659002] Having succeeded with his brother Fidel 2006, as dead at the end of 2016, Raul Castro launched a series of reforms that were once unthinkable, such as opening up the economy for private entrepreneurship, and especially organizing a close relationship with the United States.

But observers say reforms have been too shy the same to revive an economy that is still largely dependent on imports and support from its declining Venezuelan Allies.

To help his successors avoid pitfalls, but also likely to keep him under control, the youngest of Castro should retain his duties as Secretary General of Cuba's Powerful Communist Party until 2021, the year he fills 90 years.

– Old Guard – [19659002] The future of the regime's future, Salvador Valdes Mesa, an old 72-year-old Cuban politician, will also be able to lend a helping hand to pamper the resistance of the Old Revolutionary Guard, worrying not to sacrifice it socialist heritage on the continent.

Two "historic" soldiers, Ramon Machado Ventura (87) and Alvaro Lopez Miera (76) will leave the state council, but other "old" have been held by the supreme executive body, which will have a total of 13 new members from and by 31.

The appointment of ministers is expected in the coming days, but many observers believe that the new configuration of Cuban power will be less centralized

M. Diaz-Canel "can adopt a more institutional and bureaucratic leadership style than charismatic and personal, as was the case with Fidel, then a bit different with Raul, says Jorge Duany, director of the Cuban research institute. University of Florida

The new president, which must maintain the balance between reform and respect for the fundamental principles of Castroism, must immediately start pursuing an "actualization" of an 80% state-owned economy.

One of the projects to be implemented is elimination of double currency, a unique system in the world as in the eyes of the experts, distortions in an outdated economic model have been hampered by the United States embargo since 1962.

At diplomatic level, Cubas future chief executive officer will also face a renewed antagonism with the everlasting American "enemy" , the Republican President Donald Trump has introduced a year a serious blow to the approach that began s at the end of 2014.

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