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Quinté du lundi 21/10: The Duc de Christal Race

Quinté du lundi 21/10: Race of the Duke of Christal?

The trotters take their hand again this Monday, October 21st. Heading to the Enghien-Soisy race course, with Prix de Pomarez (Harness – Males – Race D – € 49,000 – 2,875 meters – 1st race at 1:50 ̵

1; 16 starters), reserved for entire horses and herds of 6, 7 and 8 years, without winning € 230,000 with a drop of 25 meters to € 126,000. Very well engaged on the first level, Duc de Christal (6 – F. Nivard) should fully enjoy.

The Duke of Christal (6 –
F. Nivard)
remains at one
disqualification at this Enghien racecourse on September 30, though
is better than that. In fact, the minutes of Gregory Houel were
hung a knee at the acceleration, while he had obvious
resources. Yoann Lebourgeois is on foot, and it is Franck Nivard who will run it.
Winner of his only attempt with the son of Ready Cash, May 1 May May in Graignes, "Francky the cold hand" will try to keep his

Among his opponents,
Bellagio Monoi (10 – F. Ouvrie) remaining on two nice successes at
Crusader-Laroche. Extra during his two attempts at Enghien (1 er and
2 ), he must surely make the distance, but he is in such
it should get a very big credit.

Very good
profit ceiling, 360 euros of qualification, Challenge Pierji (16 – Leo Abrivard) continues to adjust the good performance in recent months. HORSE
in practice it has already established itself on Enghien's racetrack. Always extra at
job according to Laurent-Claude
he should too
actively compete in the first places, even at 25 meters.

In full bloom now
(he remains on two successes), Clovis
Montaval (9 – T. Le Beller)
is the one
less well-engaged 25 meters, but it really is not the least
talented. Again associated with Tony
as under his
last success in Laval on October 4, the pupil of Fabrice Lercier
in order to integrate the right combination of this question.

Attention to Jean-Marie Roubaud moving from Fuveau (Southeast) with
legitimate ambitions. In fact, "the big ones" correspond to Be Love Desbois (8 – A. Abrivard) and Callijo Delbi (14 – E. Raffin) .

Ideally engaged, to
EUR 870 afterwards, Be Love
Desbois (8)
just showed up
was formed in Lyon-Parilly and completed 2 th by Country of the Obeaux (3 – P. Vercruysse), for his second race for re-entry. With Alexandre Abrivard at his sulky he can exit to the right

With regard to Callijo Delbi (14) he has just refined his preparation for
Salon-de-Provence ironing board. Loose four feet this time (2
wins in 3 attempts at J.M. Roubaud) and entrusted to Eric Raffin Rieussec's son may do well, but he never lights up
Enghien on 5 attempts …

X race
will be Césario Bello (11) . Impressive winner in Caen on October 5
in front of Direct Way and Archibald, the protege of Philippe Daugeard will be driven
"Little arms" this time. Listen to his mentor: "In
Last place in Caen was the race. Although it is bad on board, the nose is still there
wind, he went down on his stomach to finish and I liked it a lot. This is
genuine right-handed and a flat track horse. Because I don't have much choice
commitments, I present it on this issue. He stayed well despite his recent past
hard race. I'll lead him "little arms" and I'll see how it goes
pass … "
Place it or
not on a ticket is therefore a matter of printing …

Finally, be careful
also at Chtiot de Bellande (12
– Mr. Abrivard)
who gave a beautiful
last mile recently in Saint-Galmier. That day he stopped 3 by Callijo Delbi (14) . Remained at best in training since
this attempt, the protégé of Pascal
will have to apply when they leave,
but he likes this course at 2900 meters Enghien-Soisy. At 25 meters,
we will therefore see him more for a place at the end of the combination.

Find "Bernard Glass last minute"
and the "selection of experts" in the Gény courses of 3601 (elect
1), for all quintets.

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