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Player Kyle Kuzma is inspired by his defense

Very often mocked for his defense during his first two NBA seasons, Kyle Kuzma seems determined to improve in this sector. For this he takes an example from one of his teammates, and not least.

Prepared by the Lakers in 27th place in 2017, no Kyle Kuzma expected such a level during his first months in the league. The Utah College product has been able to fit perfectly in the rotation of its franchise and serve as a regular point for the other unit. An observation that turned out to be less true this season, but which tends to get updated in the Orlando bubble.

In any case, it was primarily for his attacking qualities that Kuz ̵

6;was retained by his leaders last summer, and not for his skill on the other side of the pitch. In fact, the 25-year-old winger has never shown great defensive skills and has even been often criticized for his recurring inaction.

Yet once again, the air in Disney World seems to be succeeding. For example, he delivered an interesting performance that marked James Harden against Houston and was the author encouraging words as for his willingness to defend well recently. Silver Screen & Roll tells about his new release on this topic, where he specifically mentions his model … Anthony Davis.

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The big players show up on both sides of the field. So I learn from LeBron and AD every day and take AD as an example of a player who contributes in all areas. That’s the kind of path I would like to see my career take. You just have to go into it yourself, identify your weaknesses and attack them. Do not be afraid of it.

Whether his latest progress is down to Davis or not, Kuzma is not mistaken in making the interior his example to follow as a dominant player on both sides of the pitch. This year’s challenger this season, the former New Orleans can also finish in the top 10 in the MVP voting table.

We strongly doubt that Kuz ‘will ever reach AD’s defensive level. Kuz ‘himself must be realistic and think alike. Nevertheless, a clean dose of additional investment in defense, as he now shows in outline, would be a serious plus for the Lakers in the title race.

Although he has not really excelled in this part of the game so far in his career, Kyle Kuzma knows how to recognize great defenders and draw inspiration from them. The proof when he mentions the case of Anthony Davis and his admiration for his defensive talents.

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