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Places of war in Catalonia: Madrid attacks separatists

  Catalan war sites: Madrid attacks independence
Catalonia war zones: Madrid attacks the separatists

The Spanish government condemned the "widespread violence" in several demonstrations that took place on Tuesday night in several Catalan cities to protest the conviction of former Catalan independent leaders for their role in the separation attempt 2017.

" A minority wants to introduce violence on the streets of Catalan cities, especially in Barcelona, ​​Tarragona, Girona and Lleida. This evening's violence was generalized in all demonstrations indicated the CEO in a communique, forwarded by the Iberian media.
" It is obvious that we are not facing a peaceful civil movement but facing a movement coordinated by groups using violence in the street to break coexistence in Catalonia ", the statement says.
" The Government's objective is and will be to ensure security and coexistence in Catalonia, in accordance with its commitment to firmness, proportionality and unity continued the same source.

Moncloa (Government Presidency) was also sent to the media videos showing vandalism committed in several Catalan cities during these demonstrations.
Roads blocked, damaged infrastructure, spontaneous or organized demonstrations In Catalonia, the reaction to the verdict of the Spanish Supreme Court, which sentenced nine former Catalan independence leaders to nine to 13 years in prison for "sedition" on Monday, October 14, was no longer .

At noon, thousands of separatist militants went to Barcelona airport, on foot, by metro and by train, to paralyze air traffic and express their anger over the verdict, at the call of a new mobilization platform called "Democratic Tsunami", born on Twitter and Telegram's social network anonymously.
Despite the muscular intervention of the Catalan police, Mosso's d & # 39; Esquadra, more than a hundred flights must be canceled.

In Girona, the high-speed railways were occupied and damaged by protesters, and the connection between Barcelona and the French flag was cut. Across Catalonia, processions have been condemned, pots in hand, what the President of the Generalit, the radical independent Quim Torra, has described as " unjust and undemocratic sentences " and "] political trial against the right to self-determination [19459] "
Qualifiers that were not the taste of the Spanish government's acting chief, Socialist Pedro Sanchez, who affirmed" independence and transparency "by Spanish justice.
" In democracy no one is condemned for his ideas nor for defending a political project but for crimes provided by the law "
With less than a month legislative elections on November 10, the Supreme Court took decisions and the Catalan crisis seized the election campaign.
" What I'm sure It is so that this dispute will be resolved in the ballot box. (…) And we are convinced that sooner or later a new referendum will be inevitable " the president for the Catalan Republican Left (ERC), Oriol Junqueras, sentenced to 13 years in prison.
] " We must turn the November 10 election into a massive and sonorous response to refusal, freedom and tenacity ," said former President of the Catalan Government, Carles Puigdemont, from Belgium, though Spanish justice reactivated the European arrest warrant against him, for " sedition and forgery ", hoping that he could finally be tried in Spain, where there is no procedure in absentia. The separatists hope that the harshness of the punishments will mobilize voters in the next election.

The government is an opposite opinion.
" The Catalan population, except the most radical cores, is tired and eager to find solutions and solve its real problems: many have understood that independence is a chimera ", wants to believe the vice president of the Spanish the government, the socialist Carmen Calvo, who points out that the socialists have jumped in Catalonia during the last election

No question for the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) to succumb to the request for self-determination referendum: " This right does not exist in any European Constitution: part of a territory cannot decide for the whole, but we will be able to address the problems, aspirations and necessities of Catalonia "defends Mrs. Calvo, partisan of a federal reform of the territorial model" to reconcile diversity with equality "
" But in the first place Catalonia must repair its wounds, since independently has cracked the cohabitants "said the Executive Vice President, who also highlights the need for elected Catalans to work with each other, in the regional parliament," to try to reform the autonomy charter under the Constitution "

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