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Pierre Perret declares war on Professor Didier Raoult ⋆ StarMag.com

Children’s singer Pierre Perret believes the researcher in Marseille is “self-absorbed”. He does not hold his punches in an interview with Midi Libre magazine.

It is a struggle for personalities that we would not necessarily have seen coming. Didier Raoult leaves few people unaware. Marseille researcher, hard defender of treatment based on chloroquine in front coronavirus pandemic, thereby attracting Jean-Marie Bigard’s support. But he is also strongly attacked by Daniel Cohn-Bendit or journalist Anne Sinclair. It is now singer Pierre Perret who joins the fight.

Pierre Perret tackles the self-centered

In an interview with Dinner free, Pierre Perret offered an unexpected and surprising media release. He definitely doesn’t keep his punches in front Didier Raoult. The portrait he paints by the head of the IHU Mediterranean is, to put it mildly, serious.

I have the impression that this man is a little self-absorbed around the edges. He has a picture that he often has to think about when he wakes up. Still, there is an undeniable narcissistic side to the character that he embodies and shows.

However, Pierre Perret is careful not to challenge skills by Didier Raoult.

I’m not claiming he’s incapable. I say that discretion and maybe realism have sometimes escaped him.

A detention that may not be enough for Didier Raoult fans. Before criticism, the defenders wear the man who compares himself to Mozart rarely gloves …

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