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Pierre Nkurunziza secures his diplomacy

According to a decree read the press of a spokesman for the president, four ministers leave the government and five others make their entry, the team from 20 to 21 ministers.

The main accident for this relocation is Burundi Foreign Minister Alain-Aimé Nyamitwe, who has been in service since May 2015 – shortly after Burundi's crisis in early April 2015 – and brother of President Communications Head Willy Nyamitwe.

He was replaced by Ezekiel Nibigira, former ambassador to Kenya and former president of Imbonerakure, the controversial youth federation of the ruling CNDD-FDD party, described as a militia of the United Nations.

The presidency has not provided no explanation for the noise of one regarded as a nozzle of the regime, but according to a diplomat speaking on condition of anonymity "the power criticizes Nyamitwe's power that he has not acted properly, leaving the image of the country tarnished internationally ". However, the diplomat considers that Mr Nyamitwe "did the best if we take into account all that is claimed against this regime in terms of human rights violations and insanity" .

No change in domestic, legal and public security

The government's other heavyweights remain, including the Secretary of State for Public Security and Disaster Management, General Alain-Guillaume Bunyoni, True No. 2 in the Burundian regime, but also the Interior Ministry Pascal Barandagiye, and Justice Minister Aimée-Laurentine Kanyana

"The President has be careful not to touch the three most important ministers in terms of organization, administration and security in the referendum, scheduled for less than a month "which aims to amend the Constitution so that Mr Nkurunziza may remain potentially in power until 2034, analyzed the diplomat.

The announcement in April 201

5 of the candidacy of M Nkurunziza's third mandate had broken Burundi into a political crisis that resulted in at least 1,200 deaths and more than 400,000 refugees, and the International Criminal Court has initiated an investigation.

New arrests in the province of Bujumbura countryside

The Burundian police also announced on Friday that they had arrested eight "criminals" who had planned to disturb "with weapons" the highly contested constitutional referendum on May 17, which would make it possible for President Pierre Nkurunziza in order to remain in power until 2034. According to police spokesman Pierre Nkurikiye, the police discovered two automatic weapons and ammunition during a "excavation search" at the home of a suspect in the rural village of Bujumbura (West).

The eight suspects were presented to the press on Friday in the location of the very savvy National Intelligence Service (SNR), which sat on the floor and handcuffed two in two, according to images sent by the police on social networks. The two automatic weapons, Kalashnikovs, were placed in front of them.

Our investigation allowed the arrest of eight people in total who had the same purpose to disrupt the next referendum by using firearms. Pierre Nkurikiye, Police Spokesman

The current investigation continues to detect "Who is behind this criminal movement" Adds Nkurikiye and suggests any links with "some politicians who have already manifested through the media their intention to disturb this referendum in any way, including weapons ". The spokesman referred to the opposition in exile and faced a revision of the constitution which, according to him, would bury the peace agreement signed in Arusha in 2000 and paved the way for the end of a decade of civil war.

Military reinforcements at the border

The authorities also claim that attacks are planned from neighboring countries including Rwanda, why military reinforcements by military and administrative sources have been sent to border areas with this country (North) and Democratic Republic of Congo (West).
This deployment causes strong tensions in the population, which also condemns the rise of the patrons in Imbonerakure, the highly questioned youth league in the ruling party, as the United Nations describes as a milestone.

In October 2017, the government adopted a draft amendment to the Constitution submitted for referendum, which would allow President Nkurunziza, 54 years and with the power since 2005, to run from 2020 two to seven years. The project has been criticized by the international community, including the African Union.

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