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perfect for home advantage in the playoffs, oh wait …

By taking over the Jazz tonight, the Lakers not only found their way back to victory after their loss to the Raptors, but they primarily secured the West’s top spot for the playoffs. It had not happened in a good decade.

Without a doubt, the 2010s were the worst in the history of the legendary California franchise. At the end of Kobe Bryant’s career, disastrous seasons and six consecutive campaigns without the slightest participation in the playoffs, it was pretty ugly for a team that is used to success and often on the front of the stage. But a new decade has just opened, and the Lakers are back on top under the leadership of LeBron James and Anthony Davis. The latter, author of a huge project (42 points, 1

2 rebounds) against Jazz by Rudy Gobert last night, led Angelinos to their 51st victory in the regular season, a victory that is synonymous with first place secured in the classification of the Western Conference. In fact, with six games ahead of the Clippers, who currently occupy second place, Frank Vogel’s men will no longer be able to enter the competition, and LAL will therefore approach the playoffs in the leader’s suit. of the Wild Wild West. A first since 2010, with the band in Kobe, Pau Gasol, Ron Artest, all on the orders of Phil Jackson. Yes, it’s gone back a bit and it’s actually the year of the Lakers’ last title. A sign of things to come? It remains to be seen, but it is already a great achievement, especially when you know where they come from.

Via ESPN, The Lakers became the first team to click into first place after a five-year absence from the playoffs (six in the case of the Lakers). And although Anthony Davis joined LeBron James during the 2019 season, finishing was far from a guarantee given the competition in the West, especially since the Lakers have rebuilt their squad with many new faces. . With the many movements of the free agency, several teams lacked automation but no one has handled it as well as Los Angeles. For this year, before the season ended, the Lakers gave the impression of playing together for a long time, with real collective strength, especially on the defensive level. Of course, it is not as important to finish first at the Western Conference in 2020 as in previous years, as there is no real home advantage in the Orlando bubble. We like the Sims version supporters on the screens, the sounds to set the mood, logos and other animations to try to reproduce a revelation ofnative advantage, but it’s unmatched by 19,000 fans driving you to a Playoffs match. But the message is still being sent. The West’s best team in the regular season, it’s called the Lakers.

Jobs well done for Frank Vogel’s men, but the main focus is elsewhere. LeBron James said it, the Lakers are in Mickey’s house for the title, and nothing else. It’s been ten years since the California franchise came to an end, it’s a long, long time for that.

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