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Parliament rejects the opposition Pachinian's candidacy

The only candidate in the race did not receive the opposition member enough votes in parliament elected to prime minister

<img width = "534" data-lazyload = "false" src = "http: //img.lemde. fr / 2018/05/01 / 0/0 / 2814/2050/534/0/60/0 / 20b72e3_a93da0cdf1934f2988c951dc971376c4-a93da0cdf1934f2988c951dc971376c4-0.jpg "alt =" Nikol Pachinian in Armenia Parliament May 1st in Yerevan. 19659003] This is An unexpected turn. The Armenian Parliament rejected Tuesday 1 and May the candidate Nikol Pachinian nominate the post as prime minister. He had promised a "political tsunami" a few hours earlier if he was not elected. 1
9659003] Of the 100 alternates who voted, 55 spoke against Pachinian and 45 gave their voice in the head of anti-government protest, tens of thousands of supporters gathered in central Yerevan.

Journalist of World Annick Cojean now monitors the situation in Yerevan:

E Fter more than seven hours of debate and speeches, the ruling Republican Party was warned that its deputies, who had 58 of the 105 seats in the home, would vote against the opponent.

The opponent also suffered two deficiencies in the three parliamentary groups that gave him support and that would give him 47 votes.

"A political force declaring war on its own people has been self-ruined. The Republican Party, as a political force no longer exists, is a ghost." Mr Pachinian introduced to deputies.

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When the wind felt at dinner, Pachinian had called the Armenians on the streets and promised a "real political tsunami" about the Republican party "barred" his choice. "I call everyone to go down the street for once again to steal the victory of the people" he had launched before the deputies.

Several tens of thousands of protesters continued to hit the sidewalk of the Republic Square, in the heart of Yerevan, to support the opponent. "No one can save you from your victory. Wait for me, I will come soon to come with you" he told MPs in a speech sent to the square on a giant screen.

Outstanding political crisis

Since April 13, Armenia is killed in an unprecedented political crisis: demonstrations of tens of thousands of opponents caused Serge Sarkissian's resignation, which has just been elected prime minister six days earlier, after being the head of state for ten years .

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So far, the Republican Party, who met with Mr Pachinian, said he would not run a rival candidate and not oppose his choice. But the tone changed on Tuesday. "After the unsatisfactory meeting yesterday (with the opponent), I am convinced that Pachinian can not be prime minister" had declared Edouard Charmazanov, Speaker of the Republican Party and Deputy Speaker of the European Parliament quoted by the Russian News Agency Interfax

If elected on Tuesday, Pachinian promised to form a government in two weeks and present a program within 20 days. 19659017] Opponent Nikol Pachinian's demonstration in the city of Vanadzor, the third largest city in Armenia after Yerevan, the capital and Gyumri


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