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North Korea announces closure of nuclear test site

Kim Jong-un met with CIA chief Mike Pompeo, the US government, saying he would cancel nuclear tests and missile launch on Saturday, reports the official KCNA agency.

  during Easter weekend (March 30 and April 1).

Seeking to prove his good faith towards the international community, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un announced on Friday April 20 that he would interrupt nuclear tests and launches. missiles "from Saturday, April 21," reported the North Korean official agency KCNA. The information was forwarded immediately by the South Korean agency Yonhap: "The North will shut down a nuclear weapon in the north of the country to prove its commitment to interrupt nuclear weapons.

This announcement, which is in the context of relaxation between Kim Jong Donald Trump described it as "Very Good News for North Korea and the World" . "Great Progress! Looking forward to participating in our summit "" he added in a tweet to his forthcoming meeting with the North Korean leader: this may happen in late May or early June.

South Korea welcomed Kim Jong-oun's decision to end nuclear and ballistic testing. "North Korea's decision represents a significant advance for the nuclear weapon construction of the Peninsula as the world expects" the South Korean Presidency said in a statement and welcomed "the environment is very positive for the summits between the two Koreans and between North Korea and the United States " as Pyongyang's decision " will create ".

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Japan, however, finds this commitment unsatisfactory. The Japanese Defense Minister, Itsunori Onodera, regrets that North Korea did not mention "Abandonment of Ballistic Missiles of Short and Medium-Range" .

Summit of the Two Koreas

] According to KCNA, Kim Jong-un considers that his country no longer needs to resort to nuclear weapons testing and ballistic missile testing as long as the objectives of these programs have been achieved.

"To ensure transparency The suspension of nuclear tests, nuclear nuclear power station in the northern part of the Republic will be dismantled" reports the KCNA in the wake of the Korean workers' party's first plenary session this year. "The party and country's main project will be linked to the construction of a socialist economy and all our efforts will go in that direction.

This announcement comes one day after the opening of a red phone between the South Korean president Moon Jae-in and his North Korean counterpart. It is happy for his future meeting, within one week, in the demilitarized zone that shares the peninsula. Pyongyang announced last Saturday that it intends to participate in peace talks with the international community.

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