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Nintendo Switch: console sells better than Xbox One and PS4!

Nintendo Switch continues its good speed. The console has just reached a new level with 10 million sales in Europe and 15 million in the North American market. The Switch's monthly sales surpass PS4 and Xbox One, which have begun to decline.

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This week, Nintendo announced that in just under three years, Nintendo Switch has gone into 15 million copies in North America. That's almost $ 2 million more than Wii U's global sales over the entire marketing period. According to the NPD group, the switch continues to go crazy that the counters are again the best-selling console in September. It is still the most popular platform in 2019. Of course, it is still in the most active phase of its life cycle compared to PS4 and Xbox One

Nintendo Switch: Consoles Champion 2019

Nintendo Switch in September was boosted by the launch of Switch Lite in at least the latest stream. This allows the console to accelerate its growth in the coming months. Sony has confirmed that its future PlayStation 5 will be released in 2020, the same for Microsoft Xbox Scarelt. And as expected, this has resulted in lower demand for PS4 and Xbox One, NDP Group notes in its report. But given the number of units sold during their lifetime, the PS4 and Xbox One logically hold a big lead.

In September, console market sales decreased by 22% in the United States. United compared to last year. Nintendo Switch is the only platform whose sales have grown both in September and since the beginning of the year. Nintendo has also announced that fourteen titles have sold over one million copies, including four of their own games: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. They all sold more than 6 million copies.

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