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New report recognizes obesity as a chronic disease

Obesity is far from benign. Those who suffer from it are said to suffer from a complex chronic disease, progressive and recurrent. This is what should be remembered from a report published on Tuesday in the EU Canadian Medical Association Journal.

People living with obesity have long suffered from stigma and prejudice, both from society and from healthcare professionals.

In light of the new development, the authors of the report want obesity to be recognized as a disease, just like diabetes, cystic fibrosis or heart disease.

The first step in this is to encourage healthcare professionals to recognize obesity as a complex chronic disease, characterized by an abnormal or excessive accumulation of body fat that is harmful to health.

According to the report, healthcare professionals should never take it for granted that the overweight patient is ready to deal with the problem. To ensure this, they should always ask the patient̵

7;s permission before initiating a discussion.

The authors suggest that healthcare professionals turn to a holistic approach to better meet patients’ needs. It’s not just diet or exercise that comes into play when you gain weight.

In fact, the causes of obesity are many. They can be psychological, social or environmental, but they can also be the result of childhood trauma, eating disorders or lack of attention.

Obesity is not just a series of bad individual decisions. It would be in the interest of society to break down its prejudices in order to overcome them and liberate those who suffer from them.

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