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Musicalarue, 30 years in the country

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Pour the 30th anniversary, the Musicalarue festival, the organization of the Landes, poster for the premiere of the son's history. Avec des prestigious comme Patti Smith, Patrick Bruel ou Orelsan.

Il 21 h 15 quand the concert of Chanteur Cali, accompanied by the group The Hyènes and son batteur, the local du festival, Denis Barthe (ex-Noir Désir), the debut dance in the theater of the dire situation in the village landais the Luxey. A concert of politics, also a charge against the G7 ultrasecurity with the fact that they are part of 24 hours in Biarritz and Pays basic voicin. Avec I invite element of invitation to Philippe Poutou, ex-candidate for president, the scene at the scene of the defense of our Ford Ford Blanquefort, near Bordeaux. Cali is applying to Philippe Poutou to see the public in the public on the title "Mille cœurs debout".

 L'Artiste Cali and company of the group The Hyènes sur Scène, aged 1[ads1]5 years.

L'Artiste Cali and company of The Hyènes sur Scène, jeudi 15 aout.

A festival prize for the altermondialistes

Tout l'esprit de Musicalarue est là: a manifestation of a festival and engagement in a village or quelque 25 concerts quotes (sans parler des théâtre de rue plus tôt dans la journée) at the répartis, from 18h to 6h du matin, dance to lie différents: le théâtre the more expensive, but outside the grand scenes, in the place of the fair and dance of the champagne la mairie, plus plus lieux plus intimates, comme le Cercle de l'union (café associatif) and l'église elle-même.

L'église où l'on retrouve tous les a ns le Josem, orchestral classical composition of the youth amateurs of the region, in flames of public and public in the more of the village and the youth of the old estates of the festivals. Last but not least, Josem is investing in the element of the trio of principals, a consecration for our formation of the festival and the festival's debut. Fidèles showcase the "bandas", the orchestra's régionaux ques sillonnes les rues de Luxey.

Patti Smith and the poster

It puis, il y a les têtes d'poster. Take a second, rocking Patti Smith, layman Patrick Bruel and the premiere of Orelsan. Le rappeur, originator of Caen, and then at Luxey l'avant-dernier concert de sa tourée, and representative of deux reprises son titre phare, "Basique". Avec sa decontraction, loin of the clichés of rap, the most popular dance of the festival and the genre of music, the spirit of festival to the denominator commun.

 L'artiste Orelsan sur scene , jeudi 15 août.

L'artiste Orelsan sur scene, jeudi 15 aout

La fête, les mélanges, et enfin les découvertes. Parmi les 62 groups and artists are invited, including the electrician Suzanne, the artist and the program of the French festivals in 2019. Seoul in the scene, or in the edition of the edition of 30 and anniversaire. An all-in-one list of the best in the world of the charm of the village of Luxey, the Manu Dibango à Stromae, and the passing of Bernard Lavilliers, Jacques Higelin, Calypso Rose, Juliette Greco, Louise Attaque, Joe Cocker or Johnny Clegg. [19659016]
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