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Morocco-Spain: Vehicles, drones and radar to control borders

To improve migration control, Spain has sent 750 vehicles, 15 UAVs and dozens of radar equipment to Morocco, the Spanish newspaper Malaga Hoy has announced.

Welcome to Morocco's cooperation with Spain in the area of ​​migration border control in its editorial on Tuesday, August 12, the publication indicated that the cooperation had led to a "significant reduction in the arrival of migrants to Spain". About 13,326 irregular migrants arrived in Spain, "almost 9,000 less than in the previous period."

The online newspaper also recalled Spanish activism in favor of the Moroccan government to the European Union. , which led to the approval of a grant of EUR 140 million that "the Council of Ministers has approved the sending of an additional EUR 30 million from the emergency fund to Morocco."

Earlier this month, ABC News said that Morocco's efforts helped curb irregular migration in Spain. And to point out that the month of July ended a significant decline in irregular migration. The security services had eavesdropped 2,362 migrants and at sea, compared to 7,885 at the same time in 201

8. The number of unsuccessful attempts in July represents a 70% reduction.

The Director of Immigration and Surveillance, the borders of the Ministry of the Interior, Khalid Zerouali, said: "Together with Spain, we work in the best interests of minors. And to add:" We are a responsible country ready to welcome these children. If they are really ours, we must first identify them to make sure they are Moroccan, "he said.

August 13 Border Guard and Guards European coastlines Frontex said" the number of illegal border detections on Europe's most important migration routes has increased 4% compared to the previous month and reached about 10,500. "

The Agency added that Total for the first seven months of 2019 was" 30% lower than last year, or about 54,300. "

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