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Miniac-Morvan. Installation project for Colas Company, On Actipole

Saint-Malo Agglomeration, as part of its economic development authority, was approved by decision of February 28, subject to obtaining the building permit and other government approvals, signing of documents relating to the transfer of land from Colas, ZAC Actipole

The project to operate a coating plant by Colas resulted in a public consultation. Sensitive to the fears expressed by the associations and residents of this project, the community office, which brings together the 18 mayors of the urban development, went beyond what the procedure envisaged and decided to ask the prefect for the referral by the environmental department council. and health and technical risks (CODERST).

This consultation body, which brings together representatives of government services, local authorities, environmental protection associations, experts and qualified persons in the area concerned, should give a very informed opinion on this project.

It will decide whether the company Cola's application should continue in ZAC Actipole, in the light of the opinion of this body

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