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Mike Pompeo, a "hawk" at the forefront of American diplomacy

His status as Donald Trump's trumpet has been further strengthened since his secret trip to Pyongyang: Mike Pompeo, the spy chief who won the US presidency's confidence, became Thursday's State Secretary to key deadlines for Iran and North Korea. To get to this point, the new head of American diplomacy must round the angles in an attempt to smooth his reputation as a "hawk", on the way to parliamentary confirmation, especially chaotic.
At the age of 54, the former military and elected in Kansas as head of the CIA, with his daily briefings rich in graphics, one of the most listened men in Donald Trump, who hates to read long reports. The president appointed him in mid March to replace Rex Tillerson, a "moderate" whose contradictions with the White House were famous. "We have the same way of thinking (…) there were atoms crooked from the beginning," then declared the billionaire Republican to motivate the election of the head of motintelligens, whose diplomatic skills remain a mystery before sensitive conversations with North Korea on the nuclear arena. Since his appointment at the end of January 201

7 at the head of the world's most powerful intelligence agency, he had adopted the aggressive tone and sometimes warriors famed by his leader by promising a more brutal CIA, especially against Tehran and Pyongyang.
Two hot problems that he will meet immediately in his new role as a diplomat. And on which he has already begun to mitigate his speech and in mid-April, before the senators of the United States, assure him that he was neither "hawk" or "war" that was often depicted in the press.
First, by ensuring that diplomacy has not said its last word, although May 12, the US President returns to Iran's nuclear agreement – which he himself was there, a fierce opponent.
"I've never been in favor of a regime change" in North Korea, he said, assuring himself to prepare for the next historic summit between Donald Trump and the North American leader. Korean Kim Jong Un, is expected theoretically in early June. It was before we learned that he had made a secret trip to Pyongyang at the end of March and early April to meet Kim Jong Un, with which he established a "good relationship" according to Donald Trump.
This high risk mission further strengthened its status within President Trump's foreign policy framework, but did not facilitate its confirmation from the Senate. If the Republicans stand behind their own, many Democrats endorse his appointment to the CIA this time on his way. "Mr Pompeo is much warrior than I think the head of the diplomat" summarized this week the leader of the Senate Democratic Opposition, Chuck Schumer. "He failed to convince me that he could measure an unpredictable president," he added.
Others accused him of his comments about Muslims and gay men and urged him to proclaim his respect for all without going as far as denying himself.
During this obstacle, Donald Trump strongly supported him and insisted on the exemplary formation of this California-born man, graduated from his promotion at the prestigious West Point Military School. is entitled to Harvard.
It is thanks to the republican bitter battle against Hillary Clinton in the investigation of the Benghazi attack, which cost the life of the American ambassador to Libya 2012, that Valde moved from shadow to light, seizing the opportunities that led him to Donald Trump.
Since then, those who suffer from high political ambitions have managed to avoid critically criticizing the president who, however, regularly asks the conclusions of intelligence officials about Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election. In front of Russia, he spoke of a possible new attack by Russian hackers at the mid-term elections in November .

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