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Miguel Diaz-Canel, the man in the system who will succeed with Castro

57-year-old model apparatchik, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez climbed quietly the steps of Cuban power to become Wednesday the only candidate to succeed Commander President Raul Castro.

His official time as Council Chairman State and Island must be confirmed Thursday morning after the alternates' vote.

Born after the revolution, this civilian will want to have pepper and salt and piercing eyes the difficult task of federating around his person, consolidating the performance of the revolution and driving the economic transformation outlined by Raul Castro

Since his appointment as a number Two of Executive Years 2013, the man said to be affordable, but not smiling and talented Speaker, has taken more and more space in the state media and often represents Raul Castro on behalf of Cuba and abroad.

"This is not a startup or an intruder," says the outgoing president and promises his three decades of loyal service and "strong ideological firmness."

In the Cuban power's mysteries, its quality is "civil" and his taste for jeans and digital tablets detonates. He could provide a modern image by advocating increased transparency for the island for the internet and a more critical press.

However, behind this representation he tried to avoid any controversy, did not give interviews, and only spoke in public activities or in anonymity of closed meetings.

His supporters claim that he "knows how to listen" and insists on his simplicity. 1

9659002] He also knows how tolexible, which was illustrated last year by a video that was leaked by deviation. In this document, he preaches to party leaders who are incompatible with independent internet news portals, a handful of embassies and, of course, opposition, illegal in Cuba.

– Exemplary Trip –

Professor At the beginning of his career, this electronics engineer quickly became a cadres of the all-powerful Cuban Communist Party.

In 1994 he was appointed first CCP secretary in his province, then struck the rest of the country through the crisis caused by the cuts of Moscow's vital contribution.

In 2003, which was then placed in the strategic province of Holguin (East), rich in commodities, it makes access to the fifteen members of the political office of the party, a function indispensable for all those who seek power.

Other leaders in his generation, such as former vice president Carlos Lage or former ministers Roberto Robaina and Felipe Perez Roque, have had more powerful dolphins before him, but caution caused them to shame.

In May 2009, Raul Castro, who inherited three years earlier, broke his brother Fidel's power. He was called to Havana to hand him to the college's ministry and in March 2012 he went to one of eight Vice-Presidents of the Council of Ministers.

Just missed his presence in the Council of Ministers. State, where he entered spectacular 2013, direct access to the post as first vice president, de facto number two of the regime, transformed into the rank of single vice president's predecessor, old colleague Castro José Ramon Machado Ventura, 87 years old.

– An Aura to Be Thrown –

"He is the youngest among the leading leaders, he has many years of experience, he was a party leader in two provinces (…) and has been consistently integrated into it public life, "cites Estonian state scientist Esteban Morales.

However, in the presidency of the Council, Mr. Diaz-Canel will actually be the head of the army, and must compensate with the old guard of the "old" commanders, many of whom could still hold high offices in the CCP and government.

A difficult task for a man whose military experience cools down to a three-year service in an aircraft missile unit between 1982 and 1985.

"There is a tradition in Cuba of" strong men in the head of state, "said the Cuban expert Arturo Lopez-Levy, Professor at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.

Gold "The profile of Miguel Diaz-Canel seems weaker. (…) He has no power over what has been given him, "adds the academic, and also emphasizes his silence about subjects that are crucial to the country, such as economics or diplomacy

Raul Castro will be able to accompany him by preserving the Secretary General's position for the party, which he should not abandon until 2021.

"Raul has experience, leadership and recognition to advise the government and give coherence to the party's political work according to the changes to be made," notes Morales [19659002] Father of two sons from a first marriage, Diaz-Canel marries Lis Cuesta, an academic specializing in Cuban culture.

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