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Miguel Diaz-Canel is called to succeed Raul Castro

Number Two Cuban Executive Miguel Diaz-Canel named Wednesday as the only candidate to succeed President Raul Castro, who ended six decades of exclusive power for Castro's brothers.

"In the name of the Candidate Commission, I have the responsibility and honor to propose to you as the Cabinet of Ministers and Ministers of Cuba, Comrade Miguel Mario Diaz-Canel Bermudez, Declared Before the Giza Assembly Duarte, Commission President

Her official appointment to the highest office must confirmed on Thursday morning after the alternates' vote, which has no tradition of contesting the election committee's proposal.

On Wednesday, the President and his successor saw all smiles at the opening of the Assembly's initial meeting after the March elections and Raul Castro gave a peaceful hug to his dauph at the date of announcement of his candidacy, under the members' ovation.

Since the 1

959 revolution, Cuba only knew a true transition to his head, in 2006 when Fidel Castro, in predators of the disease, sent the witness to his younger brother after more than 40 years of unattended power.

Once in effect, Raul Ca straw and series of reforms that were once unthinkable as the opening of the economy to private small entrepreneurship and especially orchestrated a spectacular proximity with the United States, the enemy of the Cold War.

In 2015, the two countries renewed their diplomatic relations, and the following year, US President Barack Obama paid a historic visit to the island. But since the arrival of Republican Donald Trump in the White House, normalization has been severely limited.

Fidel died in late 2016 and it is 86-year-old Raul's turn to give way this time to a representative of the new generation.

The number of two regimes since 2013 is Miguel Diaz-Canel, a system administrator who has been prepared to assume the highest office. He regularly represents his government abroad and his appearances in the media are increasingly commonplace.

Advocate for the development of internet on the island, he knew how to give a picture of modernity while still being economical in statements. But he also knows how to be insensitive to dissidents or diplomats who are inclined to criticize the regime.

When his appointment was confirmed, this electronics engineer born after the revolution must claim his authority and pursue an indispensable "update" of the Cuban economic model outlined by the younger Castro.

Heavy charges for a man with a rather discreet profile that has risen in the shadow of power

"Diaz-Canel speaks well, but he has neither charisma nor talent talent Fidel (…) It's hard not to compare …) But they say he is well prepared and he has spent several years in charge of responsibilities, says AFP Yani Pulido, a 27-year-old accountant

"Whatever happens, I continue to fight for the revolution, but I acknowledge that I do not know anything about Diaz-Canel, "acknowledges Raul Portillo's guardian to a 79-year-old state store.

– A" Studded "Transition –

For the first time in decades, the president will not have lived through the 1959 revolution , will not have the olive green uniform and does not lead the Cuban Communist Party (CCP).

But he will be able to fill this lack of legitimacy thanks to Raul Castro, who will keep the head of the mighty monarchy until 2021. this p unseen, he has to mobilize the old guard of "historical", perceived mostly as the rest to the most ambitious reforms

M. Diaz Canel will also be able to count on support from his future number two, Salvador Valdes Mesa. The 72-year union and the member's member have been appointed to take the position of first Vice President, currently held by Raul Castro's heir.

"This transition is not improvised, it is very well studied and builds on the experience deemed successful (by the transition) between Fidel and Raul," emphasizes Cuban expert Arturo Lopez-Levy, professor at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.

"In this case, they benefit from the fact that Raul lives, although it is difficult to guarantee he will remain in good health for the next four years (…) It is a stabilizer, a damper of potential friction between the leading figures, he continues.

The continuity of the system requires Diaz-Canel never to present a program, but it must take into account the guidelines voted by the party and the Parliament, which draws political and economic guidelines to follow before 2030. [19659002] According to observers, the future president is expected in particular in the economic sphere and his ability to make the necessary reforms to restore a stagnant economy (1.6% in 2017) and heavily dependent on imports and support from his now weakened Venezuelan alliance [19659023]! Function (f, b, e, v, n, t, s) (f.fbq) return; n = f.fbq = function () {n.callMethod n.callMethod.apply (n argument): n .queu e.push (arguments) };
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