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Meteo France: The forecast for this Monday, April 16th (and the rest of the week)

A summer week? This seems to be confirmed according to the latest forecasts from Météo France ! In fact, the disturbance passed this Sunday in Hauts-de-France is the last before a good time and that's great! The road closes behind it due to the high pressures that will be inserted, and the next disturbance will come for a while to be driven back by the anticyclic conditions.

This Monday morning, however, begins under a cloudy sky with local tanks of monks, also located fog banks. Greenness should quickly disappear, and although our morning is still cloudy, the thunderstorms are becoming more and more sincere!

In the afternoon the weather is fine (ah the famous Monday in the sun!). The clouds may seem threatening to you in the eastern part of the region, but nothing to fear!
A gentle breeze will rise on the coast and give even more sun on the coast.

Temperatures compared to Sunday are slightly down, the mode changes from 6 to 9 °, maximum from 1

3 to 17 ° but it is better to go back then!

Up to 23 ° C!

Take a look at Weather Maps France: It's yellow and beautiful. Do not dive too much on the next Sunday …

From Tuesday the anti-cyclone zone, which will be about a good part of Europe, will be well installed. Then it stays calm and very sunny!
The temperatures start at 17:19 to 19 ° at the edge, 19 to 20 ° in the basics.

Wednesday: no better! At least on the sky side, because the southeast wind will give air more and more dry, warmer but also more "polluted". The minimum and maximum continue to climb (values ​​at double figures at the coast at sunrise?) 19 and 20 ° at the sea (if the breeze does not rise) and 23 and 24 ° in the interior in the best afternoon

Thursday: ] What to say except that we will be April 19 and that the only difference compared to the day before will be seen on the 11 ° and 12 ° thermometers for the least 20-22 ° in the afternoon on the coast and 23-25 ° in the countries!

Friday ? A slight change a priori, even though we maintain the anticyclic conditions, the flow of the north west will bring some moisture from where the few clouds mark the azure sky! No effect on temperature at the moment, we will always have 11 and 12 ° in the morning, 19 to 21 ° in the sea and 24-25 ° in the interior. (Index of Confidence of 3 of 5 from Friday)

Saturday Although the pressure stays high, they begin to fall a bit in France. The anti-cyclone should continue to protect us, but with air that has been moistened in the North Sea, we should have more clouds and lower temperatures (which will still be well above the seasonal standards) 17 ° to 23 °

Finally, the tendency for Sunday : after a "summer week" in Hauts-de-France, conditions seem to be deteriorating this time since the anti cyclone is able to "deflate" leaving the air heater and more unstable; at this point the scenario is the return of showers by at least 10 and 11 ° and the maximum time 17 to 19 ° along the coast, 21 to 23 ° in the interior that will still recognize it, 4 to 5 ° C more than the values ​​observed yesterday! As always, all this remains to be confirmed!

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