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mediacongo.net – News – Zimbabwe: Pastor arrested for selling tickets to paradise!

Zimbabwe: A pastor arrested for selling tickets to paradise!



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On 28 June, Pastor Tito Wats was arrested by the Zimbabwean Criminal Police. The pastor asked their parishes for money in exchange for tickets that open the gates in paradise.

According to the police, Pastor Tito Wats told thousands of people that Jesus had appeared to him when he gave his tickets to $ 500, especially for sinners, so they could get a passport for the paradise. A particularly high price for this country where the average salary is about 2 dollars a day.

Committed by the police for "economic crime" and questioned. The pastor would have justified himself by declaring to the police that he had been personally informed by Jesus Christ at his meeting that these "pure gold" tickets guaranteed the believers their salvation.

"Jesus Christ appeared to me and gave me the pure gold money so that I could sell them to people who want salvation," said the pastor courageously.

For Tito Wats, his arrest is a persecution because he "works" by God. "" I do not care what people or police say about me, I'm persecuted for doing the work of God. He said,

Unbelievably, thousands would have trusted Pastor Wats and his wife, and thousands protested against the arrest of the pastor and urged the police to let him go. immediately when they use their own money to buy salvation …

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