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Marseillais vs the rest of the world 5: Maeva Ghennam balances on Greg, Nehuda and Nikola Lozina have a very violent clash. Playing Section 17

Episode 17 of Marseille vs. the rest of world 5 was very eventful. And we invite you to discover our replay above.

In episode 16 of Marseillais vs the rest of the world 5, Julien Tanti and Kevin Guedj explained themselves, Carla Moreau apologized and a bomb was dropped. And in the morning, Mélanie Da Cruz can no longer keep this a secret. So the young woman decides to reveal everything to Angela. And the latter falls from a height! For his part, Greg directly denies having said that Angela was not beautiful. And a big clash breaks out between him and Maeva Ghennam which he accuses of wanting to put the split in his relationship. Greg bursts out and stops crying. Especially since Angela no longer wants to talk to him and he has a hard time believing it!

Angèle – Credit (s): W9

Later, Jessica Thivenin and Benjamin Samat fight to meet Nehuda and Ricardo. Their goal is simple: they must make 20 pancakes! But for RDM, it’s a bad start … Nehuda and Ricardo have their heads down on the pancake butter recipe! Meanwhile in the villa, Milla Jasmine is not in good condition. She has a hard time dealing with the situation between her and Maeva Ghennam, who will soon be traveling to Dubai. She trusts Mélanie Da Cruz and Angèle with confidence. And during this chat, the magic mushroom rings! This time, the rest of the world managed to reach it first! They therefore earn 500 points.

Milla Jasmine
Milla Jasmine – Credit (s): W9

For their part, Greg and Angèle have a new discussion. The young man decides to stop calculating Maeva Ghennam no matter what. In the end, they reconcile … Once again! The rest of the world then talks about strategies for the rest of the adventure. Nehuda then tries to defend Ricardo by claiming that he did not want to make a plan against the team. But Nikola sees that only one thing is his place as a chef! It is certain that Ricardo wants to take on this role. Nehuda then goes to Ricardo to tell him that he is not deep enough in the competition. She does not recognize him. An argument then breaks out in the couple.

Ricardo – Credit (s): W9

That’s when Catalia arrives at the villa to announce a new duel of champions. Kevin and Ricardo will compete on a tennis court. They have to choose a girl to accompany them. Kevin chooses Jessica Thivenin. Ricardo, he, rides with Mélanie Da Cruz. And if there is to be an elimination, Ricardo will choose Nikola. What annoys the latter who gets confused with Nehuda. And while he balms at her that she just gets confused with Ricardo, the young woman answers and tells him that he has not stopped cheating on Laura Lempika! From there, a very large collision breaks out and Nikola Lozina bursts into tears! Tomorrow, an argument will break out between Maeva Ghennam and Angèle.

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