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Macron commemorates Brahim Bouarram and condemns "racist leaning"

May 1 – strong words. During the trip in Australia on Tuesday tweeted Emmanuel Macron to commemorate Brahim Bouarram, killed in 1995 later on by a parade of the National Front. "23 years later, Brahim Bouarram's death is still a tragic example of what racism and its procession of violence and hatred lead to," he wrote.

"We will not forget and will fight racist leprosy, whatever shape and purpose," added the President of the Republic on the social network. On May 1

, 2017, when in the middle between two rounds, the one who prepared to meet Marine Le Pen in the second round of the presidential election made a very political tribute to the young man.

Earlier on Tuesday, the government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux had already commemorated Brahim Bouarram "in the name" of the head of state. The deputy from Paris announced on Twitter that he had put a wreath "in the name of the President of the Republic" near the bridge of Carrousel where Brahim Bouarram was pushed into the Seine by right activists on May 1, 1995 on the sidelines. a UN parade, during the two-election presidential election. Four soldiers in the supreme court were sentenced in 1998 in this shop by the Assize Court in Paris.

The PS mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, also added a wreath. "Of course, I'm glad there is no parade at the National Front in Paris this year but his ideas are extremely present in French society and we have to fight," she said at BFM Paris. "This party, even if it contributes to the election, remains eminent outside the Republic," she said.

This year, the UN welcomes its European Allies in Nice to defend a "Union of European Nations."

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