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Luka Doncic’s fun hobby when not playing basketball

When he is not busy finding his racing rhythm on the training floor at Disney World, Luka Doncic handles surprisingly. Also very surprising, when you know … that he doesn’t like the fruit of his work.

Arrived Thursday in Florida to compete there for the end of the NBA season, the Mavericks have been pushing the news more than ever since. With a workforce full of colorful personalities, it is not surprising to draw this conclusion. Yet their players compete in inventiveness to please us from the Orlando bubble.

First it was Maxi Kleber, Dwight Powell and several other Texan actors who entertained the canvas with an improvised “evening”

; on the balconies of their hotel. A scene that didn’t escape Chris Paul, next door to the Mavs in the building, and who also liked him a lot.

Then it was Luka Doncic who offered us an incredible shoot during the first training of his franchise, before he completely broke up to succeed a great trickshot during the next session. What reminds everyone that he will be one of the players to follow in the coming weeks.

But when she does not reinsure us on the Disney World floors, the young Slovenian star must like her friends to find ways to pass the time in the best possible way. For him, no question about spending hours playing video games, or even enjoying wild ping-pong games. No, Luke’s great passion is fishing.

This Sunday, at a remote press conference with the media, he revealed that he had brought his fishing gear to campus and had already been able to test the theme park’s water. A hobby far from new for him, who obviously teases the fish during his summer vacation.

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In the summer I often fish in Croatia. Here I go fishing almost every day.

Not a surprising pastime, not even for a player his age. For example, Ben Simmons has shown in recent hours that he is also a wise fisherman, though the scene that caught the attention of netizens is not necessarily the most wonderful for him. Where Doncic’s love of fishing is more surprising is for his next revelation.

No, no, I’m not keeping my catch. I don’t like fish. Maybe other guys keep them, but I don’t.

Disney’s marine fauna can therefore be calmed, it is not in danger with the Dallas back. This does not prevent the latter, as in basketball, from having great ambitions. Unlike Croatian or Texan waters, they contain large potential trophies in Florida, over which he has not yet managed to get his hands.

No crocodile – or alligator yet. Soon!

While some people tirelessly complain about the conditions in the bubble where they are located, Luka therefore seems to flourish there like never before, especially with her fishing rod. Hopefully for him he will prove to be more skillful than his teammate Boban Marjanovic in the exercise!

Insolent baskets for training, great fishing sessions in the Disney World water … Life is good for Luka Doncic in the Orlando bubble.

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