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Les jeunes du monde entier se mobiliensent en mass pour le climate

The Sydney to San Francisco, and fittingly of Berlin, Paris, and London, the many of the youth – plus the millions of total, selon les organizers – manifest in the climate, and the young Sueta do Greta Thunberg and assure depuis New York que ce n'était "qu'un début".

"Si vous faites partie du petit nombre de gens qui's sentent menace par nous, nous avons un mauvaise nouvelle pour vous, car ce n'est qu" in the beginning: the change arrives, which is the way you go, "a declaration by the militant of 16 and more of the millions of manifest racial assemblies in Battery Park, at the point of Manhattan.

All that is scandalous" Greta! Greta! Greta! ", Cell in motion for the movement of graves du vendredi in l'été 201

8, a manifesto seule devant le Parliament suédois, and a number of the manifestations in travers le monde, citant of the non-confirmed ciphers of participation , plus the 250,000 person qui aura file one in New York.

"J'espère is a marquee and a tournament for the social, and a showcase of the person's investing lance, combining the person with the pressure of the conductors, surtout the advantage of the ONU in the climate" lundi prochain, avait-elle déclaré un peu plus tôt à l'AFP.

Dance plus the 160 pays, selon les organizers, jeunes ont boycotté les salles de classe, and sont sortis dans les armes de pancartes aux indombrables slogans , as a matter of intent: fair pressure on learners, afin quilts of the measures to be enriched in the provocations of human activities

Apres l'Asie et l'Europe est venu le tour des jeunes United States: in New York, Boston, Chicago, and just before the appeals of conductors in response to "climate change".

Pour moi manifesto n'est pas un choix, c'est quelque chose de nécessaire ", an individual Sierra Meloy, 17 years old, une lycéenne Brooklyn vêtue d'un tee-shirt disant" La science n'est pas une

"Quand Greta and Commencé, or even the Seoul, they are courageous, and just about arriving, to the point where you have to quiz manifest! This is a question about just a difference "," Ella Backman, 12 year olds, venue of the panneaux faits maison de avier des amies, for the premiere of the vie vie.

An American Latin, plus millions of de person from the Brazilian Department, noting the President of the Supreme Court Jair Bolsonaro for the management of the incidents of the Amazon, plus the additional authorities in Bogota and Mexico.

– "Nous méritons mieux" – [19659002] Cases manifestations are also included in the files of the present plus the bout du monde.

Depuised in Australia, or manifestations plus the 300,000, encore in Seoul, Manille, Tokyo or Bombay, l'Asie -Pacific site mobilization for "Friday for Future" planet.

"Nous somes l'avenir et nous méritons mieux", a declaration in Bangkok Lilly Satidtanasarn, 12 years old, surnamée Greta Thunberg of Thailand for her combat le plas tique. Read adults "ne font que parler, mais ils ne font rien".

The multiplication of phenomena of extremes lies in the renegotiation of renforce le sentiment d'urgence. "You are very careful about dinosaurs' pension rather than their temples," proclamation of a pancarte in Islamabad.

Certains pays africains on an exclusive basis, but with their reassemblies and ontét plus limits.

A Kampala, the capital of the Uganda qui boards at the lac Victoria, the plus the grand d'Afrique, the last touch on the effects of the climate change, plus the centenary of the youth on file, commissary Cissy Mukasa, 12 years, not the pancarte accusait: "Do you combine your personality with your avant-garde?"

– The entrepreneur's rejoignent le movement –

L'Europe and apart from the many immunities, notably an Allemagne, or selon les organizers plus the "In a million, the person's manifesto.

A Paris, Jeannette, 12 years old, manifests itself in front of the 10,000 person:" The situation with sadness, on the dance of cacao and on the facts of import ", that -elle lancé.

The movement is the propaganda of Arctique, a region in which it is called deux fois plus rapid growth in the rest of the planet.

In Longyearbyen, and Norvège, at about a million miles north of the country, around 80 people emit their sillonné les rues derrière des pancartes proclamant "Ca chauffe ici" ou "Pas cool sans glace".

Des centaines d 'companies are looking for mobile, laissez-faire workers employ all kinds of files.

Parmi eux, the millionaires of commerce and similar Amazon, the patron Jeff Bezos avaits a new plan for the company to build carbon neutrality 2040.

– New mobilization le September 27 –

Catch a journal of the points of interest for the climate action in New York. Il aura ensuite as the premier of the youth and the climate organization of the ONU avec, out of Greta Thunberg, 500 youths in South America, European, Asiatics and Africains attendance.

Follow lundi to the UNU réunissant the conductors of the climate, not Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel.

A number of notable exceptions, including President Donald Trump and the Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro, in accordance with the conductor's international sober writing on the idea of ​​our agency climate . But I have to attend with the details of the curricula of plans.

"Nous avons montré ce que nous pouvons faire, et de maintenant à eux de montrer ce qu'ils peuvent faire", an individual Greta Thunberg.

Pour avert a chance to stop the recharge of the globe at + 1.5 ° C (according to report on XIX sixth), in the case of the moon and carbon in 2050, according to the consensus of the scientific mandates of the UNU. [19659002] On the day of the mobilization of the mobilization trial, September 27, pendant to the General Assembly of the UNU. Greta Thunberg, who participates in the Montreal Department, is interested in looking at an important who sells her cell.

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