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LeBron James responds to Donald Trump with a big punchline!

Very much tied to the American anthem, Donald Trump did not hesitate to attack the NBA players who knelt under it, just before the games. However, LeBron James did not release it.

In the United States, the national anthem has definitely been a source of conflict for several years. It all started in 2016, when Colin Kaepernick decided to kneel during the celebration. The quarterback then took a shower of criticism, and was even banned from the NFL (unofficially).

In 2020, many players will emulate him with the latest Black Lives Matter movement as heckling the country. In the NBA, the vast majority of players in Orlando are now kneeling under the anthem, especially in memory of George Floyd. Of course, Donald Trump has been questioned by the media on this subject. His answer, published a few hours ago, sparked a real controversy in the league.

Because Donald Trump is categorical: it is out of the question for him to watch a sport where the players “do not respect the American flag”

;. Understand that he will not follow the rest of the national basketball competition in the bubble. A big loss? Not really for LeBron James, who did not miss this golden opportunity to answer the president with a big punchline.

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I do not really think that the basketball community is sad to lose their hearing [de Donald Trump]. .

message from LeBron is clear, sharp and precise. We can not say that Donald Trump is very popular in the league, because the team constantly avoids gathering the White House after the title, as tradition dictates. Does the president’s hearing lose? No problem for the king, who does everything better for it.

Surprisingly, LeBron James responded perfectly to Donald Trump’s comments. The king remains the league’s voice leader and does not hesitate to take over the country’s president.

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