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Le Matin – A Moroccan delegation to the 71st edition of the iENA Innovation Competition

Morocco participates in the 71st edition of the iENA innovation competition with the participation of a large delegation of major players in innovation and R&D, namely the University Mohammed VI Polytechnic (UM6P), MASCIR Foundation, CE3M Cluster and innovative startups

The 71st edition of the prestigious iENA Innovation Competition will be held in Nuremberg, Germany from October 31 to November 3, 2019 with the participation of a large Moroccan delegation. With this organized and supported by GIZ (German Cooperation Office), this Moroccan participation aims to support innovation and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Morocco.

4 Moroccan projects are gaining a spot on the podium for this major competition in categories such as: materials science, agritech, energy and smart cities.

Strong Moroccan participation

-UM6P participates in its project Sens- Things is a connected object-based diagnostic and maintenance solution with new hybrid sensor technology and a big data and artificial intelligence platform. Among the targeted uses, the predictive analysis of car engine health through a deep analysis of the lubricant, this allows, for example, to alert drivers of the need to perform a drain, the same solution can detect an early way of major engine errors such as leaks, cracking or unusual friction

. The MASCIR Foundation showcased its product Agriscan, which is an olive oil quality analyzer. This portable analyzer makes it possible to inform in a few seconds all the qualitative and organic properties of olive oil. This innovative project combining a number of technical bricks aims to launch a go-to market through a spin-off of the foundation.


1; The startup Metatechnology known in the field of vision-intelligent invented a new concept of intelligent 3D camera that can recognize environmental situations in public places without offending the people caught in their field of view. This camera aims to take the position of the first camera developed under the concept of "Privacy by Design" recommended by RGPD (General Privacy Policy).

– The product METRONIC-CBH was developed by the startup PilliotY, which recently launched a range of products and solutions for Industry 4.0 This product analyzes during the production, shrinkage quality of complex air and space cables and harness.

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