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Latin America, the new geostrategic axis

The Kingdom of Morocco (ARM) continues its opening on various civilizations. After Africa, she spent her 45th session, opened yesterday in Rabat, to Latin America. The motives for the election of the theme and the expectations of this session were revoked by Abdejalil Lahjomri, Eternal Secretary of ARM, during his address to the opening period for the work of this event.

America Latin depicts a rich contemporary history in terms of its political, economic, social and creative experiences, reminiscent of Lahjomri. These are the experiences of great potential that can be inspired by other countries.

"In the new equilibrium now being established on the planet, Latin America has introduced decades of its progress in various areas, thus acquiring the opportunity to occupy a new place in the world today," he explained. Against this background, countries on this continent face a certain number of issues that will be handled by prominent researchers at this session.

This is also part of the spirit of strengthening South-South cooperation. South of Arab countries and Latin America. South-South cooperation has become indispensable in a world where globalization is accelerating, Lahjomri points out. Of course, globalization presents opportunities, but also challenges, he adds.

Also note that the opening period was marked by André Azoulay's intervention as a member of the ARM on the theme: "Our Andalusians divided in Latin America, the significance of the link, the importance of the place." Through his speech, the speaker wants to show that the world's thoughts rarely been strange to Moroccans. It reminds of the emigration of Moroccans in Brazil in the 1

8th century and their interbreeding with the Indian women in Amazonia.

The initial conference of this session was presented by the Mexican author and publisher Alberto Ruy-Sanchez on the theme: "For a new cultural geopolity. How to realize an alliance between Morocco and Mexico, and for what reason can it be built?" This is the main issue that the speaker tried to throw light.

For him, it is first and foremost a mutual work to achieve. Much of Mexico's geography is similar to Morocco, says the speaker. It is through elementary parts of technology (weaving, ceramics, decoration …) that we discover a link between the two countries, he adds.

New Space

The 45th edition of ARM contains well-known thinkers and instincts from around the world. These efforts will be divided into five areas. Latin America as a new geostrategic space is the subject of the first axis. The other focuses on development models on this continent and the third focuses on political and institutional experiences. Culture, science and technology: the new issues in Latin America, some of which are on the menu. The last axis will focus on Morocco, the Arab world and Latin America.

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