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“It is a weapon against coronavirus”

Many rumors circulate on social networks about the “ineffectiveness” of worms and the “possible dangers” they represent. Validated by the scientific community, the mask is really useful. “We do not have many weapons against Covid-19. The mask is one of them,” reminds Yves Coppieters. Here are six statements, compiled by AFP, to absolutely ban.

1stThe mask reduces the oxygen supply: FALSE


7;s a fantasy,” confirms Yves Coppieters, epidemiologist and professor of public health at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB).

“The mask may possibly reduce the oxygen supply slightly and interfere with the breathing of a person with heart or respiratory problems or in the event of great physical exertion such as jogging,” he explains. “It can also be a feeling of discomfort that causes a feeling of suffocation, but it is psychological. When it comes to a healthy person, it does not normally prevent daily activities at all.”

Many videos of healthcare professionals also circulate on social networks to contradict this false statement with the support of measuring devices.

2ndThe mask increases the inhalation of toxins: FALSE

“We do not exhale toxins”, corrects Jean-Luc Gala, head of the Saint Luc University Clinic in Brussels and specialist in infectious diseases, “we exhale carbon dioxide”.

The worm filters the virus, but not the molecules. A virus is much larger than a molecule of oxygen or carbon dioxide. “

In addition, a small accumulation of carbon dioxide would not cause health problems, according to Professor Vinita Dubey, health representative at the Toronto Public Health Agency in Canada.

3rdThe mask damages the immune system: FALSE

The masks do not affect the immune system: “Healthcare workers spend eight hours a day with a mask and they do not develop secondary infections or health problems,” reminds Yves Coppieters.

Lack of oxygen effectively releases cortisol, which weakens the immune system. However, as there is no reduction in the oxygen supply, this does not apply when wearing a mask.

4thThe worm increases the risk of retrovirus activation: FALSE

Can sleeping viruses in the body “wake up” when wearing a mask?

“This is completely false,” replies Jean-Luc Gala. “We know, for example, that some leukemias are triggered by retroviruses. However, we have never seen people inflame the disease after a transplant while patients wear masks after an operation. It was never an aggravating factor. “

5thThe size of the worm compared to the new coronavirus corresponds to the size of a “mosquito net”: FALSE

Compared to the size of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, between 80 and 140 nanometers, the weaving of the worm would correspond to “that of a mosquito net”. This is false, explains Yves Coppieters: “Surgical masks have a filtration capacity of microorganisms of 90%, including for Covid-19. For FFP2 masks used in intensive care, this capacity increases to 98%, 99%. For fabric masks it is lower, but we still estimate it between 50% and 70% ”.

In addition, the mask also protects others from the projection of contaminated droplets, much larger than the virus.

However, Yves Coppieters reminds that a mask must be used well to be effective against respiratory infections: “A mask must be clean, it must be adjusted in the face and lowered to the chin. Once installed, you should especially not touch it with your potentially infected We wash our hands before putting on and after. “

FPS Economy also reminds that this type of mask above is ineffective. “We see this type of mask more and more often, especially in the catering industry. It offers insufficient protection and should therefore not be used as an alternative to the mandatory mask. “

6thThe effectiveness of the mask is not studied: OBUND

“It’s as if you’re bothering not to study the effectiveness of a parachute in a social environment,” Jean-Luc Gala relativizes. one without comparing efficiency! We are talking about a unit that we know empirically that it protects. We have seen this with all the experiences of African diseases and with the epidemiological developments in Asian countries. We have also seen this here in Europe, where some countries who adopted the worm has been able to control the development of the pandemic more effectively. “

We are talking about a unit that we know empirically that it protects.

In addition, in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published a study on Tuesday, July 14, 2020 after two employees of a Missouri hair salon tested positive for coronavirus. They had continued to work for several days with a mask and had been in contact with 139 clients. 67 of these customers tested negative for Covid-19, the others did not develop any symptoms. The study therefore concludes that the wearing of a worm is effective in limiting the transmission of the virus.

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