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iOS 13: the rules of geolocalization agacent des editors

Sept. iOS publishers are looking at Tim Cook's changes in iOS 13 for the utilization of local utilities, reports The Information .

Dance is easier, as similar to lorsqu ' an application for a utilizer with regard to the type of geolocalization of such validators, the option "Toujours" and equipment plus. On and on "Authorize lorsque l'app est active", "Authorize un fois" and "Refuser".

Read new selection by default iOS 1

This option is optional for permanent localization , but in fact all la chercher soi-meme with the options of confidentiality specific to chaque application. Utilize this iOS tutorial on how to develop intuitive youth tools.

Read editors and questions on Tile, Arity, Life360, Zenly (the Snapchat), Zendrive, Twenty, and Happn. It provides the services of the aide, the geolocation of the six projects, the localization of the luggage and other equipment, the partitioning of this position in the aisle of the rents.

Is craignent que ce change, qui a an incidence in the way there is not learning applications functioning – by default in the aura of the regionalization of regulation – so per communique of dysfunction by learning utilizers. Il Cook's proposal for Tim Cook's place in the new method of validation of this application, as well as its designs.


The group of educational options for restrictions on the application of the API PushKit. Cell phones are the destination of auxiliary VoIP apps that require the arrival of the caller. You get the proper authority and function of the foundation or even the perfection of local geolocation (VoIP: Apple is restraining an API and siphoning potentially the data from Facebook).

Regulation, certain apps and software Utility, as well as Life360, will sort the "Localize with Amis" for six projects. The publisher adopts the function of the premiere of this API to access the repair and accident utilizer.

An outlier, the publisher remarks on the "Localizer" application, just not necessary Authorization of the utilizer for access to such a position, as well as competition and competition with certain learning apps.

Apple responded to The Information as the premier rank of confidentiality questions there is a change in material, logic, or level of realization of the system " on the benefit of the utilizer, the private and the four additional products and ecosystems on the ".

Cependant la Pomme a indícé être en train de travailler avec certains de ces signatures pour troucher des més de remplacer les fonts retires the son API and there is no need for logicians. Quantity of favoritism does not benefit from the application "Localizer", Apple declares its applications, cells are distributed in the App Store and not installed by default on iOS, as well as additional criteria for apps applications.

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