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"If you fail, we will have failed"

The makeover continues in the big stupid with the policy of inducing voluntary retirement.

They dismiss the trellis yesterday. They are 2,188 former parts of the Armed Forces in Côte d'Ivoire (Faci). Among them, 24 women, 3 officers, 1458 unofficial officers and 705 men in the rank. A control of 15 million Fcfa was symbolically submitted to each, through a trial by the Prime Minister, Defense Minister Hamed Bakayoko. The nest egg is worth some account balance for a permanent return to civilian life.

This wave of departures gives to 3,159 number of soldiers who left the military flag after the first wave of 991

retirees in 2017.

Impressed by emotions, the ceremony held yesterday in the armored battalion in the new Akouédo camp coincided with the celebration of St. George's Day, the patron's patron saint.

For Hamed Bakayoko, his presence at Volunteer Seniors symbolizes "Chief of Governors of Respect," "Consideration," and "Gratitude."

" " You have helped the country. You have been injured. Others risked their lives. Some of your peers paid a bridge over their lives. Every soldier must consider the state. And especially to the one who decides to do something another he said.

"Spend this money carefully"

"This n is not an operation falling from heaven," said the minister and recalled that voluntary retirement is "a well-known principle "and there is" in all the armies of the world. "

To enter a coach boss, Hamed Bakayoko invited the starters a valuable use of the received living egg." Do not waste your energy, do not waste the money, pray I you. Do not waste this money. Do not go to bars or nightclubs tonight to spend the money. If you fail, we will have failed. Because the goal is not that you fail. The goal is that you can be models of success … Be careful of this money, "he insisted that an office would monitor and support the transformation of ex-soldiers.

" You earned the country. Today you go to serve yourself and your family. People will say it's over. No, you have to tell yourself: now my life begins. You must be worn by stronger optimism. That's what will make you successful, "he urged.

" Completing your job voluntarily is a courageous and well-considered decision. It is certain that the accompanying measures of the Ivorian government allow you to calmly begin the new life that is open to you. On the threshold of this new life, do not forget the values ​​you have cultivated during your career in Côte d'Ivoire's Armed Forces. Unnamed: Discipline, rigor, integrity, self-denial, availability. These qualities will need to remain benchmarks for you, "the head of the General Staff in Faci, Lieutenant General Touré Sékou, demanded. The staff promised to be" completely "involved in this process to return to the normal life of their former comrades in the flag.

"Certainly, We Leave, But …" [19659003] Ex-adjutant Jules Zouzoua Sery, who spoke on behalf of the retired volunteers, condemned the operation healthy because it allows the blood of the spirit to aging of a "aging and demotivated "Army." [19659003] "Yes, we're leaving, but we're always your employees. Even though we now become ordinary citizens, together under different horizons, we will work to strengthen the recently-undermined military band, "he said.

The military planning of 2016 plans to reduce the troop to 20,000 by 2020 with the harmonization of

To the riders who celebrated Saint George, their patron saint, the brigadier Kouamé N & R, the former soldier, # 39; Célestin, Head of State- The majority of land forces demanded to maintain the spirit of the victim, fearlessness and faithfulness. Values ​​that allow the crucial shock function in operations.

Known for the troop for 10 months, so aware that it needs resources, has minister Hamed Bakayoko immediately signed the two complaints troupe: equip the camp with a rotary cutter and rehabilitate it medical center destroyed during the crisis

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