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How do I prepare for retraining during the holidays?

Whether you orient your career or your current position differently in the coming months, especially after the health crisis Covid-19, the holidays are an opportunity to find out to see more clearly and refine your project. Contrary to popular belief, time off and a change of pace are necessary to project yourself into your future workstation and start to feel good.

Take a real vacation

When it comes to career change, preparation often takes several months and asks you to make concessions, especially financially. Taking a real vacation is also an opportunity to let go and let yourself have a parenthesis before embarking on the change.

If your financial resources, and by the way the Covid-1

9 pandemic, prevent you from going far, a stay in a neighboring region or with your family may be enough to change your routine and prepare your project with confidence.

Relieve your mental strain to see more clearly

When you are caught in the whirlwind of the preparations for your retraining, you accumulate a mental strain that can cause you to lose your connection to what you really want. The weekends are then an opportunity to prepare an action plan to make concrete progress from the beginning of the school year and finally regain motivation.

The daily change of pace helps you take a step back and allows you to rest enough to find inspiration and new ideas. It is also an opportunity to move in place when you need to change region or country and discover what will be your new environment.

So if you do not know where to start, take a break to break free from the routine and let your imagination run wild, this is the best way to prepare for your future project.

Find out more: “Life transitions – how to adapt to turning points in our existence” by William Bridges, éditions InterEditions.

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