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Hotels: Four Seasons remains in Marrakech and Casablanca

Following the publication of the article entitled “ Al Waleed Ibn Talal sells Four Seasons Marrakech ” published in a financial month on the spot and confirms the change of brand at Four Seasons Resort Marrakech, the company Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts a, in a message sent to Infomediary Morocco, denied this change of brand and wanted to provide some clarification.

Four Seasons is a management company that generally does not own the hotels it operates. In December 2019, Four Seasons Resort Marrakech changed owners and the hotel has since been owned by Westmont Hospitality Group. This change of ownership does not change the fact that Four Seasons continues to operate Four Seasons Resort Marrakech. Four Seasons also continues to operate the Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca, which has been owned since its opening by the Spanish company Inveravante. ”

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