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Here’s what happens when a black hole does not “work”

Astronomers believe that supermassive black holes play a fundamental role in regulating star formation. And they are now providing evidence of this with a cluster of galaxies that are outrageous stars. A cluster of galaxies whose central supermassive black holes run out of fuel.

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The mistress of galaxies are our largest structures Universe. For these clusters, supermassive black holes which is the core of their central galaxy are real sources ofenergy. But what happens when these black holes become inactive? This is the question that researchers have asked themselves. And especially thanks to the information fromChandra X-ray Observatory (nasa) they now give an answer.

Remember that galaxy lover consists of hundreds, if not thousands of galaxies, maintained by seriously and was invaded by a gas hot emitting X-RAYS. In their heart is the activity of one supermassive black hole generally prevents this gas from cooling and forming stars in numbers. This is the case in many clusters relatively close to ours terre.

A year ago, the SpARCS1049 cluster – or SpARCS104922.6 + 564032.5 would be complete – which stands at about 9.9 billionlight year of our earth, in the constellation Ursa Major, had already shown telescopic Place Hubble and Spitzer, he star shape to one speed Fantastic. About 900 per year. That’s 300 times more than in our galaxy. All this takes place about 80,000 light-years from the center of the cluster, outside the galaxies that form it.

When the activity in a supermassive black hole in the heart of a cluster central galaxy decreases, the cluster begins to form stars in large numbers. © Chandra X-ray Observatory, Youtube

A black hole runs out of fuel

The reason ? “When the cat is gone, the mice will play”, explains Julie Hlavacek-Larrondo, researcher at the University of Montreal (Canada) ia Chandra Observatory press release. In fact, SpARCS1049 shows no signs of activity from a supermassive black hole in its central galaxy. There is no evidence of a throw matter escapes from another black hole wavelengths radio or X-ray source indicating that the material was heated while falling against a black hole.

Thus, the supermassive black tower in SpARCS1049 no longer seems to be active. He stopped feeding his environment with energy. As a result, the gas surrounding the galaxies could cool enough for stars to begin forming almost sincerely. ” Many astronomers thought that without the intervention of a black hole, star formation would come out of hand, reminiscent of Tracy Webb. Now we have proof. “

Why is this black hole so quiet? This is the next question. ONE collision between two small galaxy clusters could have moved the denser gas away from the cluster’s central galaxy. The result: the supermassive black hole in the center of this galaxy is simply running out of fuel.

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