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her new godmother wishes her a happy birthday and internet users get angry!

Jade Hallyday celebrates her 16th birthday on August 3rd. An event for the young woman that Jade Hallyday is becoming. But also an important event for his family and loved ones. No one forgot to congratulate him. But Internet users will be put off by the publication of Marie Poniatowski, the new godmother of Jade Hallyday. Jade Hallyday actually had for godmother Luana Belmondo. But the latter has turned out to be on the side of David Hallyday and Laura Smet under the pitfalls of Johnny Hallyday in a row. Laeticia Hallyday, Jade’s mother, would therefore not have wanted to keep her in her life, much less in her daughter.

Jade Hallyday celebrates 1
6 years, a further step towards adulthood

Jade Hallyday is becoming a very beautiful young woman. Her many qualities are regularly listed by her mother, sister or friends on social media. But to wish her her birthday, this time it is her godmother who has taken the time to share a fantastic photo on Instagram. But her godmother has changed and not all Johnny Hallyday fans seem to agree with this. Although they do not really have a say, they do not hesitate to point out that Luana Belmondo had this role long before Marie Poniatowski.

In fact, many angry Internet users will agree with Marie Poniatowsky’s wishes for Jade Hallyday’s birthday. His post was still more than adorable. But it will not have been to the liking of some who do not forget Luana Belmondo. But other internet users take the time to respond to offenders. They truly express their congratulations to Jade Hallyday by emphasizing that only love counts. Anger and hatred have no place under this charming post. And above all, those who are disturbed just have to go their own way.

The message from the new godmother to Jade Hallyday makes the internet react

It is a message full of tenderness that is in the few lines that come with the photograph. The picture represents Marie Poniatowski with Jade Hallyday. They swim in a pool and look at the distance, both in the same direction. The photo is several years old, as Jade Hallyday’s little face suggests. And in the lines that accompany the photo, godmother sends to Jade Hallyday all her love for her goddaughter. She makes sure to tell him how proud she is of her by wishing him a birthday. Jade Hallyday’s godmother also thanks her for being who she is. A strong, gentle person who supports his mother and sister with love. Finally, Marie Poniatowski tells Jade Hallyday that her father would be extremely proud to see the person she becomes.

Fans are not all ready to give up the former godmother of Jade Hallyday

In fact, many fans agree 100% with this message. Others, however, do not fully understand why Jade Hallyday’s godmother has changed. It will then be necessary to return to the legal adversities that surrounded the terms of the inheritance of Jade Hallyday’s father. In fact, Laura Smet and David Hallyday could not be removed from their father’s property. French law strictly prohibits. Although Johnny Hallyday’s will was established in Los Angeles, it is French justice that has handled this case. And the controversy has not stopped raining on the relatives and the whole family of Johnny Hallyday. In the midst of all her quarrels, Laeticia Hallyday would have judged that Luana Belmondo, the former godmother of Jade Hallyday, was more on Laura Smet’s side than he and his daughters.

Under these circumstances, it became inconceivable that Jade Hallyday would continue to be Luana Belmondo’s goddaughter. And Marie Poniatowsky became the ideal candidate for this role. Luana Belmondo admitted, in an interview with journalists from Gala, learns in the newspapers that she was no longer the godmother of Jade Hallyday. This shows how much the relationship between her and Johnny Hallyday’s widow had weakened. On the other hand, Jade Hallyday’s mother is still just as close to Marie Poniatowski. Yes, Marie Poniatowsky knows Jade Hallyday perfectly. And you just have to see the message that the young girl is responding to her godmother to thank al for her message to understand that they love each other.

Love remains stronger than anything, it will end controversy

Jade Hallyday writes in comments to her godmother’s publication that she is simply “the world’s best godmother”. A spontaneous, sincere and touching message. But he will not be interpreted as an attack on his former godmother for some fans. In fact, it is after this response that Internet users became withdrawn. They wanted Luana Belmondo not to be forgotten in this way. But other Internet users are right about the tender exchange between Jade Hallyday and her godmother. For what matters is Jade’s birthday and her happiness. And we have to admit that Jade Hallyday and Marie Poniatowski are very happy.

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