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Gray’s Anatomy season 17: Meredith still in serious danger in the new episodes?

Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy arrives on November 12, but does it end without Meredith Gray?

While some series continue to fight to win the World Cup 2020 on melty – which you can vote for every day right here – we are waiting for a competitor who has already been eliminated for a while to return: Grays anatomy. ABC has finally announced the broadcast date for season 17, which lands from November 12 in the US, and we already know that the themes for the new episodes are expected to be complicated. Some teasers hinted at a hectic season marked by disasters, but it̵

7;s Meredith herself who says it “sometimes, we must all be saved “.

The poster for season 17
The poster for season 17 – Credit (s): abc

Is this phrase spoken to everyone after the pandemic that has spread around the world, or does Meredith speak specifically for herself? Yes, after 16 seasons we know that Meredith Gray is tough and she has already gone through enough difficulties to prove it. But it can also stop cracking and this is perhaps what the famous sentence at the end of a teaser video highlights. After getting into legal trouble, Meredith has not really had much to worry about in recent seasons., and the authors may want to change all of this.

Meredith and danger?
Meredith in danger? – Credit (s): abc

Coronavirus will be treated in the new episodes, and it may be that Meredith is one of the victims. Without necessarily dying – we know that without Ellen Pompeo there will be no more Grays anatomythe writers could still make him drool to spice up his intrigues. In addition, there have been more deviations from main characters than deaths in recent seasons and we can very well see the series reminds us of reality by killing someone important or at least by making a main character. very ill. In anticipation of confirmation, here are clues that should have shown that Teddy would cheat Owen with Tom in Grey’s Anatomy.

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