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Gabon's normal test: legislative test

  Gabon to the Normal Test: Tested by Legislation

While the vote is scheduled to "end April," no communications from Gabonese authorities have formalized the date. If most candidates contravene the legislation, Jean Ping's former supporters are far from presenting a united front J. Ping who claims that the victory in the presidential elections in 2016 gives no indication of his participation in the election, announced at the end of the month, which will be the first major political event in Gabon since then. In any event, it would be "not the opposite," reports AFP, with three other supporters, Alexandre Barro Chambrier, chairman of the new party Rassemblement Héritage et Modernité (RHM), Zacharie Myboto from the first party. Opposition National Union (UN) and Guy Nzouba-Ndama from Party Members have already announced their candidacy.

The case is delicate for J. Ping, especially as it is the same institutions that validated their failure in the 2016 election. A boycott that finally decided only the Gabonese Democratic Party's (PDG) affairs, with a majority of 114 seats with 120 .

Since 2016, the opposition contest that opposed Jean Ping's candidacy has been decommissioned. Some have come closer to power and have appreciated ministerial or responsibility posts, such as Pierre-Claver Maganga Moussavou, became Vice-President of the Government during the opposition banner, or Rene Demezo Obiang, promoted a time secretary of the Economic and Social Council

Gabon is uncertain whether the vote has been postponed twice since 2016 at the end of the month. If the date of April 28 is circulating nothing is yet official. In fact, the Gabonese election center (CGE), established in 2017 after the resolutions of a "political dialogue" boycotted by an opposition party and responsible for the organization of legislation, are slowly setting up. The opposition would be represented by a unified list of five representatives (five other members representing power). On Monday, the Ministry of the Interior "decided", according to his spokesman Jean-Eric Nziengui Mangala, in favor of the election of members of an ad hoc commission to investigate candidates 'and candidates' candidatures specifically to elect the president of CGE

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