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France says "no" to polisario


In its version of the Security Council Resolution on the Artificial Conflict of the Southern Southern Provinces, the United States has refrained from accusing Polisarias of repetitive provocations in the buffer zone after their United Nations representative had promised to do so, and the US The version only points to the separatists' attempt to prevent free movement in the area.

As strongly recommended to the parties stakeholders of precast conflict their participation in reaching a fair and fair political solution and courageous to stop the long freezing of this territorial issue, reports the daily Al Massae this Friday April 20th.

in the meantime, Polisario is still trying to make "Sahara friends", simply call them Moroccan friends. Do not hesitate! France intends to make changes to the current version of the U.S. resolution that will be submitted to the Security Council members to discuss the content and reach the adoption of the final text. This, after "Sahara Friends", decided last Wednesday to make the necessary adjustments to the draft resolution before April 25, the last vote in the Security Council.

The French According to consistent diplomatic sources, it follows from the desire to wipe out the small provocations of the separatists and the recent incomes in the buffer zone. France also wants to stop policing efforts to change the nature of the region by introducing a city development plan and moving the sequined Tindouf shame camps.

Note that additionally by the five permanent members a, the Security Council also counts among its non-permanent members, Côte d'Ivoire, Equatorial Guinea and Ethiopia, the only continental representative who claims to support Polisario, states Al Massae . While the separatists accuse the "Sahara friends", especially France and Spain, to be for the Moroccan dissertations.

Larbi Alaoui

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