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Food situation, justice and politics make the headlines Burkinabè diaries

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08.05.2018 kl. 13:18

The Burkina Faso diaries on Tuesday mention issues that are mainly related to politics and justice, but also to the country's current food situation: "Burkina Faso Food Situation: 477,000 tonnes of grain deficiency to be filled" front of today's private-owned newspaper Today in Burkina Faso Faso

According to this newspaper, the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Development yesterday, Monday, 7 May 2018, animated a food and nutrition meeting

According to daily, "the food deficit, previously estimated at 72,000 tonnes, now stands at 477,000 tonnes" .

And to mention that in this situation, the review of the response plan now sets the budget to cope with the food situation to 81

billion FCFA.

In this regard, the national daily Sidwaya sports the "Situa Food Supply": almost one million people are at risk for hunger. "

The same daily newspaper spends its commentary" & # 39; characterizes the plume & # 39; & # 39; corrected, especially the trial of the failed coupon of September 2015, which is usually resumed tomorrow. Ouagadougou

The commentary asks the question: "Should we finally get to the bottom?"

For its part, the private magazine Le Pays, in the headlines revelations, the title: "Reprise Trial of Putsch: New Charges in Perspective."

In the case of Daily, he wrote on the front these words by Titinga Pacéré, earlier President of Burkina Faso: "I have no place as a witness in this trial."

For his part, Observer Paalga, the Dean of Burkina Faso's private diaries, returns on the anniversary of the election of the French president Emmanuel Macron in titran: "Macron and Africa a year after."

Meanwhile, The Country in its " Political Tuesday "gives the floor to Joel Compaore, Secretary General of the Congress for Democracy and Progress (French Director of the CDP).

this refers to the 7th CDP Congress held last weekend, explaining: "We're leaving this congress even stronger."

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