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Fast and Furious 9: Could Jakob Toretto be Kenny Linder, the man responsible for Dom’s father’s death?

Would Jakob Toretto be more involved than you think in Dom’s father’s death? According to this new theory, it is a sure bet that it does!

The ninth part of Fast and furious will be the opportunity to meet the entire Dom team but also to introduce new characters to the saga. Among them was Jakob Toretto played by former wrestler John Cena. If the first revealed trailer for Justin Lin’s film revealed the bands that will unite Dom with his future enemy, a theory suggests that Jakob would not be his biological brother but Kenny Linder, a former race car driver, responsible for the death of Mia̵

7;s father and Judgment. By crashing into the Dodge Charger R / T in a professional car race, the racer really killed the family.

Photo by Kenny Linder in Fast and Furious after the confrontation with Dom.
Photo by Kenny Linder in Fast and Furious after the confrontation with Dom. – Credit (s): Universal Pictures

If this accident were to be handled, Vin Vin after teasing the arrest of a tragic event in Dom’s life, it should be noted that the latter after this accident tried to avenge his father’s death, when he rolled Kenny kicks with a wrench. Although Toretto did not kill Linder, the latter was particularly injured, half of his face has been disfigured, as you can see above. It is this photo that forms the basis of this surprising theory, where fans see a striking resemblance between Kenny Linder and Jakob Toretto. If it could work, Fast and furious 9 must explain the intact face of Dom’s brother, the latter attack has left traces in Kenny’s face.

Dom Toretto vs. Jakob Toretto.
Dom Toretto vs. Jakob Toretto. – Credit (s): Universal Pictures

One solution would be that Cipher had found a way to bring Kenny’s face back to life despite small changes. After all, anything is possible with the franchise Fast and furious, the character of Idris Elba in the spin-off Hobbs and Shaw in the end be a super soldier created by Eteon. On the other hand, if Dom’s youth were to be explored through his father’s misfortune, another theory is that Jacob accuses the team leader of the violence against Kenny. In fact, these characters can be related in many ways and know each other for many years. However, the family will have a place of their choice in the heart of the plot, so it would not be surprising in this context that we discover that Kenny is the brother of Jakob and fortiori of Dom and Mia. While this may sound particularly surprising and hard to believe, this plot would provide more depth in the story of Fast 9 as well as the relationship between Judgment and Jacob.

Yet this theory finds its limits in the fact that Dom seems to be aware of his brother’s existence in the first pictures presented. If the character has always known of Jacob’s existence, how could he not have heard of Kenny? It is also legitimate to think that he would not have attacked one of his relatives, They had always put the interests of the family first. Jakob and Linder, on the other hand, could be old friends, with Dom’s father taking his children to the competition tracks. There Jakob and Kenny could have become friends, the former insisted at their father’s death that they should not go after the latter after the accident.. If this could explain the disagreement that reigns within the Toretto family, we are at least anxious to find out why they hid Jacob’s existence and what is the real intention of the latter. To find out, we unfortunately have to wait until next March 2021, but something tells us so Fast and furious 9 promises to reveal painful family secrets!

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