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Expression – The Daily – Three terrorists caught in Jijel


  Three terrorists caught on Jijel

The National People's Army (ANP) continues rude, its efforts in the fight against terrorism to preserve the security and stability of the country . Its record shows more than one way that the ANP elements are still vigilant and make sure to defend the country against all attacks. For this weekend alone, four terrorists left the leadership of their organization, three were captured while the fourth abandoned, in addition to catching a host of weapons. The first operation that led to the capture of the three terrorists yesterday was carried out by a department of ANP in Jijel. It was during a search and raking operation in Ain Loubna and Ziama Mansouria that the ANP elements arrested the so-called H. Abdelhakim Abdelnassir Djamel, who had joined the 1

995 terrorist groups, Terrorist M. Arezki, said Ami Said, who joined the terrorist groups 2002 and terrorist A. Hichem, said Mouaâd, who joined the 2017 terrorist groups. This operation, which is still under way, has restored three Kalashnikov guns, five newspapers and 155 bullets, a pair of binoculars and three mobile phones. In the same way and still today, a terrorist, abandoned the military authorities in the Tamanrass. The latter, according to the report of the National Defense Department, is responsible for one of the terrorist organizations in Sahel. This is called Laarbi Khelifa, Abu Ayoub, who joined the terrorist groups in 2010. The said terrorist had in his possession a Kalashnikov machine gun and a newspaper filled with ammunition, said the same source. On this occasion, the National Defense Department once again appealed to the rest of the terrorists to take advantage of the possibility of taking advantage of current provisions, such as those who left the security authorities. . Finally last Thursday a Kalashnikov machine gun, two magazines and a variety of ammunition in Bordj Badji Mokhtar were found by soldiers. All of these operations are part of the armed forces' overall attitude to clean up the country of terrorism and to create peace and security throughout the national territory.

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