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Economic intelligence: Africa is taking a taste

The meeting organized this weekend in Dakhla is one step further in the popularization of the economic compliance of African countries

Dakhla was the African capital for a weekend. On May 4th and 5th, southern Morocco's Pearl arranged an African meeting on the theme: "Economic Intelligence in Africa, National Experiences and African Partnerships". This event is another step towards popularizing the practice of business intelligence activities on the continent. It has to be said that these are practiced there but less of Africans themselves. One of the most important recommendations in this meeting is the need to "promote innovative economic intelligence partnerships". To do this, African countries are invited to collaborate more within this sensitive and strategic area! So far, there is no lack of inter-African cooperation, apart from the lack of a model that unites African countries around a common vision.

Combining Efforts
In its recommendations, participants from around twenty countries insisted that "the adoption of economic intelligence methods has become an essential condition for Africa to accompany its ambitious project for building a united and strong continent" . This choice implies a policy of collective strategic watch worn by the promotion of good practice to ensure global economic security, add participants. They also recalled that this forum organized in Dakhla is likely to promote the methods of economic intelligence in Africa. It truly is a real opportunity to spread the scientific knowledge of economic intelligence and strategic intelligence in Africa to companies, administrations, universities and research centers, which also enables the development of exchanges and sharing the knowledge and knowledge between member associations in the forum. Organized by the Association for Studies and Research for Development in collaboration with the Morocco Agency for International Cooperation (AMCI) and the OCP Group, the African Dakhla Meeting is presented as an opportunity to create synergies at global level. African. It is the starting point for a new African economy that promotes the creation of an African elite that can underpin a sustainable and inclusive development of its continent.

Mohamed Hajoui
General Secretary of the Government

Economic intelligence today has become an essential necessity that has become strategic. The African continent is called more than ever to adopt a common proactive economic intelligence policy, as Africa faces several challenges in terms of economic competitiveness and the complexity of markets.

Othman El Ferdaous
State Secretary for Investments

Morocco's economic strategy is to build a north-south economic corridor to connect Western Europe with the Guinean Bay through Morocco and a gas pipeline that connects Morocco and Nigeria. "

Driss Guerraoui
CEO of Dakhla Open University

Economic intelligence has become an essential prerequisite for Africa. accompany its ambitious project on the construction of a new, united and strong Africa. The African continent must have a system of collective strategic intelligence supported by the promotion of good practice in this matter to ensure overall economic security. "

Creation of a Forum for African Economic Intelligence Organizations

A partnership agreement on the establishment of the African Business Inspection Association (FAAIE) Forum was signed in Dakhla at the meeting on the Economic Intelligence meeting. It aims to develop partnerships between Under the terms of this agreement, the signatory parties intend to promote the transfer of good practices between African countries in the field of economic intelligence and business information. This convention was signed by Vigilance's thought medium, intelligence and foresight (Ivory Coast), African The Center for Strategic Intelligence (Republic of Congo), Moroccan Economic Intelligence Association, Nigerian Network of Economic Intelligence, SOPEL International (Senegal) Association, Chadian Economic Intelligence Association, Tunisian Federation Economic Intelligence Association and the Association for Studies and Research for Development (Morocco).

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