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EbeneNews – FR – Prison Break: A star in the series confirms the new season 6!

Will we be able to follow the careful plans that cover Wentworth Miller’s divine abdominal muscles again? It seems so. On Tuesday, September 22, 2020, a former Prison Break star revealed that a sequel was still in the trash on his Instagram account This is Dominic Purcell, who played Lincoln Burrows the last five seasons of the show. Rumor number 1, I’m old Yes I’m 50, he wrote Rumor number 2, I’m bald No, my head is full of hair. Some people just asked me to shave. Rumor number 3, a sixth season is coming out Yes Rumor number 4, do I love people? No Not a lot really, not really ”


7;s at its quietest, temporarily, that Lincoln Burrows confirmed this season 6 that everyone waiting for season 5 was already a miracle. Released in 2017, he took into account a huge jet lag as it had taken place seven years after the original action was completed in 2009. As for the final episode of Prison Break, it offered viewers a completely correct closing Michael Scofield, played by Wentworth Miller, refused to join the CIA so he could live a normal life with his wife Sara – Sarah Wayne Callies – and their son Mike

Rumor number 1 I’m old Yes I’m 50 years old Rumor number 2 I’m bald No I have full hair; people demand that I shave him Rumor number 3, Will pb season 6 happen Yes Rumor number 4 Do I love people? No Not a lot Certainly not

For three years, no one has been hoping for the creation of new episodes and with good reason, Fox Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier had made it clear that he had no plans to work on the series in August 2019. “There are currently no plans to restart Prison. Break or some other franchise, “he said. But when the creators come up with a story, when they think it’s the right time to tell it, we’re ready to hear it because we’m already so proud of the work that has been done, and we’m so proud that everything is a part. of the. -Here from our stables “We have to believe that 2020 was the right time

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EbeneNews – FR – Prison Break: A star in the series confirms the new season 6!

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