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Despite their "bromance", the American press emphasizes the many disagreements between Trump and Macron

If the US media have commented for a long time about the "special relationship" shown by the two presidents, they also retain their real differences in several topics

  Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump, April 24 at the White House in Washington

This is a State visit that was highly reviewed and commented. During the three days of Emmanuel Macron's visit to the United States ̵
1; the first for a head of state since the election of Donald Trump – the American media have long gone back to "Special Relationship" posted with the US president.

"Bromansen": Trump and Macron, again together " specifically referred to as New York Times after the arrival of Mr Macron in the White House, Tuesday, April 24. The US President and his French counterpart have Multiplicated hugs and handshakes to apparently show "Their Friendship" . Mr. Trump Was Not Cried For Mr Macron: "It's Impeccable", or Again "It will be a great president of France ".

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" When President Trump received the French President at the White House on Tuesday for the first official visit of the Trump era, their body language went beyond respectful handshakes of the use of the world's two leaders […] and limited to the intimate" points out The New York Times which sees "a diplomatic strategy" The French President's Part

For his part, Washington Post also speaks " d 'histoire d' amour ' in French in the text. But for the American newspaper:

"The abundant exhibitions of public affection raised the question of whether Trump and Macron had finally begun a true transcontinental bromance or if the two men simply participated in a battle of command war.

and "as in all stereotype bromans" continues Washington Post "Women – In this case, Trump's wife Melania, and Macron's wife, Brigitte – were moved to almost silent support roles. "

The American media also went a long way back on the " dandelion ". At the White House on Tuesday, Mr. Trump really has swept the movie of Mr. Macron's suit. " We have a very privileged relationship, except that I will remove these few movies " had launched Mr. Trump pretending to judge Emmanuel Macron's shoulder.

For editorial writer of Washington Post Dana Milbank, Newly Listed, " A century ago, the Dreyfus business shook France. Now this nation must face the film industry. "

More seriously, the American journalist asks himself:

" What is Macron's game? Platforms typically Trumps ego so that he agrees with him on material issues. But it does not seem like working for Macron.

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Real differences

Because this "special relationship" and the many deeds of love between MM. Trump and Macron did not hide the real differences between the two presidents: the Iranian nuclear arms trade, the trade war between Europe and the United States and climate change.

is seen in the speech to Congress delivered Wednesday by Emmanuel Macron. Thus, for Vox, there are many differences of opinion between the two men.

"Macron believes that the preferred European leader of Trump has presented positions radically contrary to Trump's positions on the Iranian nuclear agreement (Macron said the United States should stay there), climate change (Macron says it was real and should be combated), free trade (Macron warned against protectionism) and international cooperation to a greater extent.

"In the most important part of his speech, Macron warned the United States against the revocation of the Iranian nuclear agreement and promised that France would not withdraw." [19659022

"Demolition of Trumpism"

An analysis shared by CNN's Stephen Collinson, who believes, before the Congress, "the charismatic French leader condemned the American president's political philosophy and vision ". For the American journalist, Macron's speech looked like a speech about Union members the title of an American democratic president ".

An analysis shared by editorial credibility from Washington Post . According to the magazine, Mr Macron used " his speech to engage in a large-scale dismantling of trumpism, all embodied in a love letter to the United States and an appeal to Americans to respect values ​​rooted in our own story."

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But for Collins of CNN, the Head of State "will maintain a friendly relationship with Trump, seriously tested if the president decided, despite his prayers, to leave the states of the United States of the current Iranian nuclear agreement and to run a trade war with Europe" . On the first point, Mr. Macron soon to be remedied. Donald Trump is scheduled to announce on May 12 whether the United States repeals the Iran Agreement or reinstates sanctions against Iran.

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